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Abu Nidal Organization (ANO)

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Date Formed:
Group is inactive
Last Attack:
Jan. 29, 1994
Financial Sources:
Government sponsorship from Syria, Libya, and Iraq

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al-Banna, Sabri
Baker, Atef Abu (Abu Bakr)
Issa, Abdel Rahman (Abd-al-Rahman Isa)
indictees right column header
Isa, Zein
Musa, Tawfiq
Nijmeh, Luie H.
Nijmeh, Saif Alaslam Hussein
realted groups header
Arab Fedayeen Cells • Suspected Alias/Ally
Arab Revolutionary Brigades • Suspected Alias/Ally
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) • Rival
Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Muslims • Suspected Alias/Ally
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The head of Iraqi intelligence holds photographs purporting to prove Abu Nidal's 'suicide'
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1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
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US Terrorist Exclusion List Designee: No
UK Proscribed Group: Yes
Australia Specified Group: No
Canada Specified Group: Yes
EU Specified Group: Yes
Russia Specified Group: No
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The US State Department has designated groups into three different classifications. Click on one of the following to learn more about each group and to access their group profiles.

Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs)

Terrorist Exclusion List (TEL)

Other Terrorist Organizations (OTO)

Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) attacked Airports & Airlines target (Apr. 2, 1986, Italy)

Incident Date: Apr. 2, 1986

Terrorist Organization(s): Abu Nidal Organization (ANO)

City: Rome

Country/Area: Italy

Region: Western Europe

Target: Airports & Airlines

Tactic: Bombing

Suicide: No

Weapon: Explosives

Fatalities: 4

Injuries: 9

US Attack: Yes

US Fatalities: 4

US Injuries: Unknown

Attack Claimed: Yes

Coordinated: No

Description: ITALY. A bomb went off on a TWA jetliner 15,000 feet over Greece, but the pilot was able to land the crippled plane in Athens a few minutes later. Four American passengers, (including an infant) were sucked out of the opening in the plane that the blast caused, and were killed in the fall. Nine other passengers were injured. In Beirut a group called the Arab Revolutionary Cells, another name used by Abu Nidal, claimed responsibility for the bomb, stating that it was in retaliation for the previous week's U.S. military confrontation with Libya in the Gulf of Sidra. The bomb went off as the airliner was preparing to land at Athens' Hellenikon International Airport at the end of a flight from Rome. The plane routinely flies from Cairo to Athens to Rome and back. If the plane had not been in descent and had exploded at a higher altitude, the plane would have been destroyed. Authorities suspect that a woman identified as May Elias Mansour may have planted the bomb. Mansour apparently occupied the seat under which the bomb was placed, on the Cairo-Athens portion of the flight. Mansour disembarked in Athens and continued on to Lebanon. She is known to be a Syrian National Social Party member.

Information Source: Chronology Data 1968-1997

Publication Date: 04/03/2001

Incident-data Provider: RAND Corporation

Legal Cases
USA v. Tawfiq Musa et al: 93-CR-89-DJS

Further Reference
"Terrorism - Dark Times Ahead?," C.J. Visser, 3/1/1991, Flight Safety Digest Bulletin, (Washington, DC)
"Report on 'Disappearance' of Abd-al-Rahman Isa, Abu-Nidal's Second-in-Command," unattributed, 10/20/2002, London Al-Majallah , (London)
Abu Nidal : a gun for hire / Patrick Seale., Patrick Seale, c1992., Random House, (New York)
Miles to go before I sleep : my grateful journey back from the hijacking of EgyptAir flight 648 / Jackie Nink Pflug with Peter J. Kizilos., Jackie Nink Pflug, c1996., Hazelden, (Center City, Minn. )
"Report for Congress: Foreign Terrorist Organizations," Audrey Kurth Cronin, 02/06/2004, The Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service


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