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Running Up The Score

After watching the Bulls destroy the Knicks last night 98-69, I listened to many of the Knicks players express frustration that the Bulls unnecessarly ran up the score. The topic of "running up the score" is one I have long considered. We often see lopsided scores and there are many different reasons for it. The talent level can be so superior on one team that a blowout is inevitable or it may be a personal reason between personnel that leads to a team wanting to embarrass the other. Or it could be a promotion night like the Bulls said it was against the Knicks. If the Bulls scored 100 points, everyone in the crowd would recieve a free Big Mac. That was the reason they gave for shooting the ball with 15 seconds left with a 29 point lead. Gotta love McDonalds!

First, I think a distinction needs to be made between college athletics and professional sports.

In college, athletes are essentially playing for pride. They are not getting paid, unless you want to count the free education most recieve. These athletes and coaches are representing an educational institution. They are not professionals. These schools should have a commitment to being ethical and not completely embarrassing a team. The schools with lower talent levels cannot go out and buy better personnel, in that regard it is not a business. However, some NCAA rules and polls require schools to be unethical and run up the score.

College football is a prime example. The BSC system takes into account margin of victory and points score among other things. It benefits a team to complete dismantle the other. Due to this system, I cannot blame a team for running up the score on another because they directly benefit from it. Remeber Texas Tech a few years back saying they would go for 100 points in a single game? They did not reach it, but their publicity from scoring tons of points lead to a higher ranking in the media polls. I did not like what they were doing, but I could not argue against it.

The same goes for college basketball. The playoff system is an imperfect system because it includes the committee's perception of a team. A 30 point victory is more convincing than a 10 point win. Those huge blowout wins could really benefit if your team is on the bubble at the end of the season. The polls are also based on individual's perceptions of teams. So why not run up the score? It is a question of whether the team should be ethical.

Professional athletics is a whole other story. These are huge businesses that have the ability to buy better products (players) if they are not effective enough. Players make millions of dollars and are the best of the best. I don't see Walmart holding back because are taking too much business from their competitors.

Sorry Nate Robinson, Steve Francis, and Eddy Curry this is not little league anymore. Instead of complaining the Bulls are running up the score, why don't you show a little pride. Play some defense instead of letting the Bulls score at will on your pathetic defense. You scored 69 points. Did you want the Bulls to take the foot off the gas when they got to 75? High school teams score that many points with 8 minute quarters.

And so what if the Bulls did run up the score? They wanted to get their loyal fans a free burger. People pay a lot of money to go to these games and they expect to see their team play 4 quarters. So when one team decides to quit for the night does that obligate the other to follow? Give me a break. The Bulls owe the Knicks nothing. I wish they would have won by 40. It would serve the Knicks right for practically giving up.

It really boggles my mind that the Knicks want to whine about a team beating them by too much. Again, these are suppose to be professionals. Take some pride in your work and do a better job instead of complaining. There is no such thing as running up the score in professional anything, especially professional athletics. You do the best you can and the goal is to dominate the opposition. In college sports, teams can run up the score because they benefit from it. The rules and polls dictate it to be done.

Eddy Curry said "We will see them next year". Hopefully by that time, the Knicks stop whining and learn how to take pride in their work. Everything is not always handed to you in life, sometimes you have to work to be better.



Posted by squirrelmasterzBlog on Apr 12, 2007 12:40 AM
Right on-it is a business. No limits. Although back-ups should take the court if there is a blow out. Good topic.

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cut em and watch em bleed

Posted by laggy311Blog on Apr 12, 2007 06:21 AM
saw lakers run up the score on the suns for 20 years!! still hurts, makes lakers more of a rivalry EVERY time we play, even when lakers have 6 active players on the roster, without kobe, odom, and the sixth is the red ropes dude!! dallas, spurs...NO ONE can come close, save the trailblazers, but they are truly sad these days...ANYWAY:

If there is a threat of the shot clock running out BEFORE the game clock, SHOOT IT!!

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Posted by wiltfongjrBlog on Apr 12, 2007 11:40 AM
only one shot was taken that was unnecessary, Malik Allen tried a putback that he could have pulled out to run out the game clock, Duhons shot came because the Bulls had to shoot otherwise the 24 second sot clock would expire.

When bench players get in a game it's their time to show a coach why they deserve more playing time, why shouldn't they try hard, and in the NBA you can't run a 4 corner offense and stall, the Kincks should show some pride and play some defense

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Air sickness bags

Posted by The 50year oracleBlog on Apr 12, 2007 07:46 PM
That's EXACTLY what the Knicks should give out at all their games. They are SO HORRIBLE, that they make me want to vomit whenever I watch them. I actually HAVE a bucket near the recliner for just such an emergency, IF they're ever on TV on the left coast!

James, Starbury, Francis..."The Three Stooges" could generate more offense! Eddy Curry "we'll see them next year"...RIGHT EDDY!! that says you make the cut for next year first! He scrubbed down 4 rebounds in 38 minutes!! My KID could grab 4 rebounds in 38 minutes...and HE'S 5!!

The Knicks have only scratched the surface of how bad the stench from that franchise will be next year!! As long as Isiah Thomas is anything more than the ball boy on that team, they will be BRUTAL as a team! They need to BLOW this team UP!1 Start over with a new coach, hold a raffle on TSN.com for the GM job and get anybody....ANYBODY with some skills (What about the women's coach from LSU that got let go before the tournament...I hear she's still unemployed) to caoch. Eat Francis', Starbury's, James' & Jeffries' contracts, pick 4 dudes from the NBA development league all-star team..and go have at it!

Anything would be better than what they've got now!

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I agree for the most part....

Posted by nmenumero1Blog on Apr 13, 2007 09:48 AM
I have to agree with you about professional athletics. College on the other hand is a different story. Yes it is influenced by the media and the polls, but the real story is the fact that those kids would like to get to the pros. You can't blame a Vince Young for throwing for 300 and rushing for 200 if the other team allows it.

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