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Information On Lieutenant Governor Candidates.

POSTED: 2:23 pm EDT October 19, 2006
UPDATED: 2:38 pm EDT October 19, 2006

NAME: Scotty Boman
AGE: 44 (Born April 14, 1962)
PARTY: Libertarian
EDUCATION: Bachelor's degrees, physics and philosophy, Western Michigan University, 1985; master's degree, physics, Western Michigan University, 1987; secondary education teaching certificate, 1998, and master's degree in education, 1999, both at Wayne State University.
POLITICAL CAREER: Current chairman of the Libertarian Party of Michigan; ran unsuccessfully for the Wayne State University Board of Governors in 1998 and the State Board of Education in 2002 and 2004.
PROFESSIONAL CAREER: Math and physics teacher, Wayne County Community College, 2003-present; astronomy teacher, Macomb Community College, 2002-present; teacher, Detroit Urban Lutheran, 2000; teacher, federal program for disadvantaged youth, Upward Bound, 2000; math teacher, Schoolcraft Community College, 2001; substitute teacher, Detroit Public schools, 1992-97; teaching assistant, Wayne State University, 1988-90; teaching assistant, Western Michigan University, 1985-87.
PERSONAL: Single; no children.
WEB SITE: www.scottyboman.org

NAME: John D. Cherry Jr.
AGE: 55 (Born May 5, 1951)
PARTY: Democrat
EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in political science, University of Michigan, 1973; master's degree in public administration, University of Michigan-Flint, 1984.
POLITICAL CAREER: Lieutenant governor, 2003-present; state senator, 1987-2002; Senate minority leader, 1995-2002; state representative, 1983-1986.
PROFESSIONAL CAREER: American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees state political director, 1982; administrative assistant to then-state Sen. Gary Corbin, 1975-81.
PERSONAL: Married to Pamela Faris; daughter, Meghan, and son, Dan.
WEB SITE: http://www.granholmforgov.com/site/PageServer?pagenameabt--ltgov

NAME: Ruth Johnson
AGE: 51 (Born Jan. 8, 1955)
PARTY: Republican
EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in education, Oakland University, 1977; master's degree in social work, Wayne State University, 1985.
POLITICAL CAREER: Oakland County clerk, 2005-present; state representative, 1999-2004; Oakland County Board of Commissioners, 1989-1998.
PROFESSIONAL CAREER: Owner, American Speedy Printing, 1981-82; 8th grade teacher, Clarkston Public Schools, 1977-79.
PERSONAL: Married to Don Nanney; one daughter, Emily Johnson Nanney.
WEB SITE: www.devosforgovernor.com/General/?id1

NAME: Carl Oehling
AGE: 74 (Born Aug. 28, 1932)
PARTY: U.S. Taxpayers
EDUCATION: Two years of mechanical engineering, Lawrence Institute of Technology, 1954; bachelor's degree in zoology, Michigan State University, 1962.
POLITICAL CAREER: Ran unsuccessfully for Coloma School Board, Berrien County sheriff and Michigan House of Representatives.
PROFESSIONAL CAREER: Owner of Coloma Fabricare and Ruth's Laundry, 2006; machinist, quality assurance foreman and division manager, Clark Equipment Co., 1980; worked at Michigan State University, 1962-68; draftsman, Stellar Engineering, no years supplied; machinist, Aggressive Manufacturing, 1954-58.
PERSONAL: Widowed; two children.

NAME: David Skrbina
AGE: 46 (Born June 11, 1960)
RESIDENCE: Northville
PARTY: Green
EDUCATION: Master's degree in math, University of Michigan, 1993; doctoral degree, University of Bath (England), 2001.
POLITICAL CAREER: First try for public office.
PROFESSIONAL CAREER: Lecturer in humanities, University of Michigan-Dearborn.
PERSONAL: Married; two children.
WEBSITE: http://migreens.org/candidates.php

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