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 North West


Boundary Commission for England
Wednesday 19 July 2006 10:30

Boundary Commission for England (North West)


The Commission propose to make no further changes to their recommendations for parliamentary constituencies in Greater Manchester and, today, confirm their revised recommendations as their final recommendations.

1. Provisional recommendations for parliamentary constituencies in Greater Manchester were published on 10 March 2005. Objections to the provisional recommendations for the Boroughs of Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Trafford and Wigan and the Cities of Manchester and Salford led to a public inquiry, which was held between 31 October and 17 November 2005. The Assistant Commissioner who conducted the inquiry recommended alterations to the Commission's proposals in respect of the boundaries of eight of the ten constituencies in the Boroughs of Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, and Tameside and the name of one constituency in the City of Salford. The Commission's decisions in respect of the Borough of Bury were contained in a separate news release that was issued on 22 June 2005.

2. Having considered the Assistant Commissioner's report and recommendations and the evidence submitted both before and during the inquiry, the Commission decided to revise their provisional recommendations for the boundaries of Ashton-under-Lyne BC, Denton and Reddish BC, Hazel Grove CC, Heywood and Middleton CC, Oldham East and Saddleworth CC, Oldham West and Royton BC, Rochdale CC and Stockport BC, and for the name of Worsley and Eccles South CC, as recommended by the Assistant Commissioner. At the same time, the Commission made final their proposals for the other sixteen constituencies.

3. The revised recommendations were published on 13 April 2006. As with their provisional recommendations, the Commission were required to consider representations about their revised recommendations submitted within a one month period. The period was extended to 17 May 2006 to take account of the Easter holiday. Having considered the representations, the Commission have decided to confirm their recommendations as final and to make no further changes.

4. The Commission received twenty-eight representations in respect of their revised recommendations. Six representations approved of all or part of the revised recommendations. Twenty-two representations objected to the revised and final recommendations. No objections were received to the Commission's recommended Ashton-under-Lyne BC, Denton and Reddish BC, Hazel Grove CC and Stockport BC.

Heywood and Middleton CC and Rochdale CC

5. Five representations objected to the Commission's decision to include the Rochdale Borough ward of Bamford in Heywood and Middleton CC, instead of Rochdale CC as provisionally recommended. The objectors argued that part of the new Bamford ward, which came into effect in 2004, was very close to the centre of the town of Rochdale, and that the ward had greater ties with the town of Rochdale than it did with the towns of Heywood and Middleton. The objectors had supported the Commission's provisional recommendations, which had included the Bamford ward in Rochdale CC and retained the Rochdale Borough ward of Milnrow and Newhey in Oldham East and Saddleworth CC.

6. The Commission noted that the Assistant Commissioner had recommended the transfer on the basis that there was strong evidence of the close ties between the Bamford ward and the Rochdale Borough ward of Norden, which was included in Heywood and Middleton CC. They also noted that just over 60% of the electors of the Bamford ward are in the existing Heywood and Middleton CC. They further noted that, with the proposed inclusion of the Milnrow and Newhey ward in Rochdale CC, the Bamford ward had to be included in Heywood and Middleton CC in order to create two constituencies with electorates that were close to each other and also reasonably close to both the electoral quota and the county average.

7. The Commission decided that they would not recommend the inclusion of the Rochdale Borough ward of Bamford in Rochdale CC and considered that the reasons given by the Assistant Commissioner in his report were strong enough to support his recommendation.

8. One representation suggested that the two constituencies should be renamed Rochdale West CC and Rochdale East CC respectively. The Commission considered that there was no evidence to suggest that there would be more support for those names than for the existing names which have been in use since 1983.


9. Fourteen representations were received which called for the inclusion of Chadderton in the name of the proposed Oldham West and Royton BC. Many of the objectors pointed out that Chadderton was the largest town in the proposed constituency and was much larger than Royton. A number of alternative names were suggested. The Commission noted that Chadderton had never been included in the name of a parliamentary constituency at any of the reviews of parliamentary constituencies since 1918, whereas Royton had been included in a constituency name at every review. They also noted that the Assistant Commissioner had heard evidence in support of including Chadderton in the constituency name, but that he had rejected the alternative name (Oldham West, Chadderton and Royton BC) because it was too long and he did not believe that there was enough support for a name change.

10. The Commission noted that whilst there was now greater support for a change of the name of the proposed Oldham West and Royton BC, so as to include reference to Chadderton, they did not consider that such support was sufficient to justify such a change and that the Assistant Commissioner's reasons for rejecting such a change were still valid. They concluded that the recommended constituency was little changed from the existing constituency, and therefore, the name of Oldham West and Royton BC was still appropriate.

Salford and Eccles BC

11. One representation, whilst supporting the Commission's decision to change the name of the proposed Worsley and Eccles South CC, requested that the Commission also change the name of the finally recommended Salford and Eccles BC to Salford and Eccles North BC, so as to avoid confusion within the town of Eccles. They considered that, whilst there was a case for a change to the name of Salford and Eccles BC, they did not feel that they had sufficient evidence to justify such a change.

Cross-Pennines constituency

12. One representation re-submitted a counter-proposal that would create a constituency called Pennine Valleys CC that would contain a ward from Kirklees Borough (in West Yorkshire) as well as wards from the Boroughs of Oldham, Rochdale, and Tameside. The Commission noted that no one had spoken in favour of this counter-proposal at the inquiry and that it had been opposed by a number of witnesses that had appeared at the inquiry. They also noted that the Assistant Commissioner had had no hesitation in rejecting the counter-proposal because of the lack of support and the lack of justification for the widespread disruption that it would cause.

13. The Commission therefore rejected the counter-proposal for a constituency that contained part of West Yorkshire as well as part of Greater Manchester. They considered that there was nothing in the arguments presented within the counter-proposal to justify them in breaking the Rule that requires them to respect county boundaries.

Accusation of bias

14. The Commission noted that allegations of bias had been levelled against the Assistant Commissioner by members of one political party, who felt that he had given too much weight to the evidence of witnesses from another political party. They re-considered the evidence from the inquiry and concluded that the allegations levelled against the Assistant Commissioner could not be substantiated. They rejected the allegations and reaffirmed their support for him and the way that he had conducted the inquiry and had written his report.

Final Recommendations

15. The Commission therefore confirm their revised recommendations as final. No further representations will be considered. The Commission's final recommendations for Greater Manchester which will be embodied in their report to be submitted to the Secretary of State at the end of the general review and which are shown on the attached map, are for the twenty-seven constituencies to be as follows (2000 electorates in brackets):-

ALTRINCHAM AND SALE WEST BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (69,605). Nine wards of the Borough of Trafford:- Altrincham, Ashton upon Mersey, Bowdon, Broadheath, Hale Barns, Hale Central, St Mary's, Timperley, Village.

ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (67,334). Two wards of the Borough of Oldham:- Failsworth East, Failsworth West; six wards of the Borough of Tameside:- Ashton Hurst, Ashton St Michael's, Ashton Waterloo, Droylsden East, Droylsden West, St Peter's.

BLACKLEY AND BROUGHTON BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (65,982). Five wards of the City of Manchester:- Charlestown, Cheetham, Crumpsall, Harpurhey, Higher Blackley; two wards of the City of Salford:- Broughton, Kersal.

BOLTON NORTH EAST BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (71,024). Seven wards of the Borough of Bolton:- Astley Bridge, Bradshaw, Breightmet, Bromley Cross, Crompton, Halliwell, Tonge with the Haulgh.

BOLTON SOUTH EAST BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (73,348). Seven wards of the Borough of Bolton:- Farnworth, Great Lever, Harper Green, Hulton, Kearsley, Little Lever and Darcy Lever, Rumworth.

BOLTON WEST COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (68,575). Six wards of the Borough of Bolton:- Heaton and Lostock, Horwich and Blackrod, Horwich North East, Smithills, Westhoughton North and Chew Moor, Westhoughton South; one ward of the Borough of Wigan:- Atherton.

BURY NORTH BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (65,440). Eight wards of the Borough of Bury:- Church, East, Elton, Moorside, North Manor, Ramsbottom, Redvales, Tottington.

BURY SOUTH BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (73,212). Nine wards of the Borough of Bury:- Besses, Holyrood, Pilkington Park, Radcliffe East, Radcliffe North, Radcliffe West, St Mary's, Sedgley, Unsworth.

CHEADLE BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (72,933). Seven wards of the Borough of Stockport:- Bramhall North, Bramhall South, Cheadle and Gatley, Cheadle Hulme North, Cheadle Hulme South, Heald Green, Stepping Hill.

DENTON AND REDDISH BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (65,855). Two wards of the Borough of Stockport:- Reddish North, Reddish South; five wards of the Borough of Tameside:- Audenshaw, Denton North East, Denton South, Denton West, Dukinfield.

HAZEL GROVE COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (63,519). Six wards of the Borough of Stockport:- Bredbury and Woodley, Bredbury Green and Romiley, Hazel Grove, Marple North, Marple South, Offerton.

HEYWOOD AND MIDDLETON COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (78,036). Ten wards of the Borough of Rochdale:- Bamford, Castleton, East Middleton, Hopwood Hall, Norden, North Heywood, North Middleton, South Middleton, West Heywood, West Middleton.

LEIGH COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (74,231). Eight wards of the Borough of Wigan:- Astley Mosley Common, Atherleigh, Golborne and Lowton West, Leigh East, Leigh South, Leigh West, Lowton East, Tyldesley.

MAKERFIELD COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (72,903). Eight wards of the Borough of Wigan:- Abram, Ashton, Bryn, Hindley, Hindley Green, Orrell, Winstanley, Worsley Mesnes.

MANCHESTER CENTRAL BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (69,600). Eight wards of the City of Manchester:- Ancoats and Clayton, Ardwick, Bradford, City Centre, Hulme, Miles Platting and Newton Heath, Moss Side, Moston.

MANCHESTER, GORTON BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (70,845). Seven wards of the City of Manchester:- Fallowfield, Gorton North, Gorton South, Levenshulme, Longsight, Rusholme, Whalley Range.

MANCHESTER, WITHINGTON BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (69,187). Seven wards of the City of Manchester:- Burnage, Chorlton, Chorlton Park, Didsbury East, Didsbury West, Old Moat, Withington.

OLDHAM EAST AND SADDLEWORTH COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (70,984). Nine wards of the Borough of Oldham:- Alexandra, Crompton, Saddleworth North, Saddleworth South, Saddleworth West and Lees, St James', St Mary's, Shaw, Waterhead.

OLDHAM WEST AND ROYTON BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (70,947). Nine wards of the Borough of Oldham:- Chadderton Central, Chadderton North, Chadderton South, Coldhurst, Hollinwood, Medlock Vale, Royton North, Royton South, Werneth.

ROCHDALE COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (73,807). Ten wards of the Borough of Rochdale:- Balderstone and Kirkholt, Central Rochdale, Healey, Kingsway, Littleborough Lakeside, Milkstone and Deeplish, Milnrow and Newhey, Smallbridge and Firgrove, Spotland and Falinge, Wardle and West Littleborough.

SALFORD AND ECCLES BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (73,162). Nine wards of the City of Salford:- Claremont, Eccles, Irwell Riverside, Langworthy, Ordsall, Pendlebury, Swinton North, Swinton South, Weaste and Seedley.

STALYBRIDGE AND HYDE COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (66,563). Eight wards of the Borough of Tameside:- Dukinfield Stalybridge, Hyde Godley, Hyde Newton, Hyde Werneth, Longdendale, Mossley, Stalybridge North, Stalybridge South.

STOCKPORT BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (64,679). Six wards of the Borough of Stockport:- Brinnington and Central, Davenport and Cale Green, Edgeley and Cheadle Heath, Heatons North, Heatons South, Manor.

STRETFORD AND URMSTON BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (72,414). Nine wards of the Borough of Trafford:- Bucklow-St Martins, Clifford, Davyhulme East, Davyhulme West, Flixton, Gorse Hill, Longford, Stretford, Urmston.

WIGAN COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (76,467). Eight wards of the Borough of Wigan:- Aspull New Springs Whelley, Douglas, Ince, Pemberton, Shevington with Lower Ground, Standish with Langtree, Wigan Central, Wigan West.

WORSLEY AND ECCLES SOUTH COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (72,554). Nine wards of the City of Salford:- Barton, Boothstown and Ellenbrook, Cadishead, Irlam, Little Hulton, Walkden North, Walkden South, Winton, Worsley.

WYTHENSHAWE AND SALE EAST BOROUGH CONSTITUENCY (72,093). Five wards of the City of Manchester:- Baguley, Brooklands, Northenden, Sharston, Woodhouse Park; three wards of the Borough of Trafford:- Brooklands, Priory, Sale Moor.

Implementation of the Recommendations

16. The Commission are required to submit their report on the general review for the whole of England to the Secretary of State after 11 April 2003 and before 12 April 2007. The Secretary of State has a statutory duty to lay the Commission's report before Parliament together with a draft Order in Council giving effect to the Commission's recommendations with or without modifications. If modifications are proposed, the Secretary of State must also lay a statement of reasons for the modifications. The draft Order in Council is submitted to both Houses of Parliament for approval and, after it is made by Her Majesty in Council, it cannot be called into question in any legal proceedings. The new constituencies take effect at the general election following the making of the Order in Council.

Outline map

17. The recommended constituencies are illustrated in outline on the map which forms part of this document (please note the copyright warning concerning the map). The wards on the map are numbered, and the districts are lettered. These numbers and letters together with the names of the wards and districts, are listed at the end of this news release. The list contains the 2000 district and ward electorate figures on which the Commission are required by law to work.

Crown Copyright

18. The outline map which forms part of this document is based on Ordnance Survey data and is subject to (c)Crown Copyright. Unauthorised reproduction will infringe crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Any person wishing to reproduce the outline map should first contact the Copyright Office at Ordnance Survey, Romsey Road, Southampton SO16 4GU (telephone 023 8079 2929).


22. Should you require further information about these final recommendations or about other aspects of the Commission's work, please write to the:-

Boundary Commission for England
1 Drummond Gate

Alternatively, telephone or e-mail:-

Greater Manchester enquiries 020 7533 5173 or 020 7533 5142
General enquiries 020 7533 5177
Fax 020 7533 5176

Greater Manchester enquiries:
General enquires:

23. The Internet version of this news release and the outline map (please note Crown Copyright warning above) are now available on:-


A    BOLTON BOROUGH                     202,743
1.   Astley Bridge                       10,132
2.   Bradshaw                            10,235
3.   Breightmet                          10,512
4.   Bromley Cross                       10,256
5.   Crompton                            10,400
6.   Farnworth                            9,453
7.   Great Lever                         10,779
8.   Halliwell                           10,050
9.   Harper Green                        10,841
10.  Heaton and Lostock                  10,211
11.  Horwich and Blackrod                 9,433
12.  Horwich North East                   9,596
13.  Hulton                              10,519
14.  Kearsley                            10,385
15.  Little Lever and Darcy Lever        10,643
16.  Rumworth                            10,728
17.  Smithills                           10,400
18.  Tonge with the Haulgh                9,439
19.  Westhoughton North and Chew Moor     9,475
20.  Westhoughton South                   9,256

B    BURY BOROUGH       138,652
1.   Besses               7,712
2.   Church               8,745
3.   East                 7,657
4.   Elton                8,328
5.   Holyrood             8,769
6.   Moorside             8,764
7.   North Manor          8,202
8.   Pilkington Park      7,809
9.   Radcliffe East       8,599
10.  Radcliffe North      8,862
11.  Radcliffe West       7,305
12.  Ramsbottom           8,539
13.  Redvales             7,807
14.  St Mary's            7,838
15.  Sedgley              8,630
16.  Tottington           7,398
17.  Unsworth             7,688

C    CITY OF MANCHESTER                307,664
1.   Ancoats and Clayton                 7,762
2.   Ardwick                             9,572
3.   Baguley                             9,893
4.   Bradford                            9,088
5.   Brooklands                          9,582
6.   Burnage                             9,826
7.   Charlestown                         8,981
8.   Cheetham                            8,917
9.   Chorlton                           10,163
10.  Chorlton Park                       9,128
11.  City Centre                         4,402
12.  Crumpsall                           9,632
13.  Didsbury East                       9,938
14.  Didsbury West                      10,189
15.  Fallowfield                         9,991
16.  Gorton North                       10,516
17.  Gorton South                       10,829
18.  Harpurhey                          11,510
19.  Higher Blackley                    10,108
20.  Hulme                               7,772
21.  Levenshulme                        10,191
22.  Longsight                           9,921
23.  Miles Platting and Newton Heath    10,368
24.  Moss Side                           9,683
25.  Moston                             10,953
26.  Northenden                         10,191
27.  Old Moat                           10,305
28.  Rusholme                            9,624
29.  Sharston                            9,817
30.  Whalley Range                       9,773
31.  Withington                          9,638
32.  Woodhouse Park                      9,401

D    OLDHAM BOROUGH             157,891
1.   Alexandra                    6,707
2.   Chadderton Central           7,641
3.   Chadderton North             7,985
4.   Chadderton South             8,035
5.   Coldhurst                    7,795
6.   Crompton                     8,610
7.   Failsworth East              7,938
8.   Failsworth West              8,022
9.   Hollinwood                   7,636
10.  Medlock Vale                 7,830
11.  Royton North                 8,320
12.  Royton South                 7,999
13.  Saddleworth North            7,966
14.  Saddleworth South            7,374
15.  Saddleworth West and Lees    8,348
16.  St James'                    7,858
17.  St Mary's                    7,956
18.  Shaw                         8,021
19.  Waterhead                    8,144
20.  Werneth                      7,706

E    ROCHDALE BOROUGH                 151,843
1.   Balderstone and Kirkholt           7,110
2.   Bamford                            7,565
3.   Castleton                          7,775
4.   Central Rochdale                   7,366
5.   East Middleton                     7,812
6.   Healey                             7,329
7.   Hopwood Hall                       8,023
8.   Kingsway                           7,583
9.   Littleborough Lakeside             7,812
10.  Milkstone and Deeplish             7,158
11.  Milnrow and Newhey                 7,740
12.  Norden                             7,083
13.  North Heywood                      7,516
14.  North Middleton                    7,666
15.  Smallbridge and Firgrove           7,448
16.  South Middleton                    7,904
17.  Spotland and Falinge               7,863
18.  Wardle and West Littleborough      6,398
19.  West Heywood                       8,508
20.  West Middleton                     8,184

F    CITY OF SALFORD            162,550
1.   Barton                       8,942
2.   Boothstown and Ellenbrook    7,463
3.   Broughton                    8,858
4.   Cadishead                    6,790
5.   Claremont                    8,120
6.   Eccles                       8,225
7.   Irlam                        7,052
8.   Irwell Riverside             7,768
9.   Kersal                       7,976
10.  Langworthy                   9,923
11.  Little Hulton                9,108
12.  Ordsall                      5,548
13.  Pendlebury                   8,347
14.  Swinton North                8,431
15.  Swinton South                8,485
16.  Walkden North                8,359
17.  Walkden South                8,033
18.  Weaste and Seedley           8,315
19.  Winton                       8,625
20.  Worsley                      8,182

G   STOCKPORT BOROUGH             222,482
1.  Bramhall North                 10,805
2.  Bramhall South                  9,926
3.  Bredbury and Woodley           10,944
4.  Bredbury Green and Romiley     11,197
5.  Brinnington and Central        10,601
6.  Cheadle and Gatley             11,435
7.  Cheadle Hulme North            10,040
8.  Cheadle Hulme South            10,315
9.  Davenport and Cale Green       10,639
10. Edgeley and Cheadle Heath      11,098
11. Hazel Grove                    11,004
12. Heald Green                    10,238
13. Heatons North                  10,826
14. Heatons South                  10,809
15. Manor                          10,706
16. Marple North                   10,126
17. Marple South                    9,796
18. Offerton                       10,452
19. Reddish North                  10,536
20. Reddish South                  10,815
21. Stepping Hill                  10,174

H   TAMESIDE BOROUGH         162,441
1.  Ashton Hurst               8,899
2.  Ashton St Michael's        8,222
3.  Ashton Waterloo            8,562
4.  Audenshaw                  8,626
5.  Denton North East          8,726
6.  Denton South               8,641
7.  Denton West                9,336
8.  Droylsden East             8,420
9.  Droylsden West             9,037
10. Dukinfield                 9,175
11. Dukinfield Stalybridge     8,592
12. Hyde Godley                8,087
13. Hyde Newton                8,991
14. Hyde Werneth               8,437
15. Longdendale                8,051
16. Mossley                    7,753
17. St Peter's                 8,234
18. Stalybridge North          8,736
19. Stalybridge South          7,916

I   TRAFFORD BOROUGH       165,228
1.  Altrincham               7,435
2.  Ashton upon Mersey       7,529
3.  Bowdon                   7,073
4.  Broadheath               8,255
5.  Brooklands               7,865
6.  Bucklow-St Martins       7,693
7.  Clifford                 7,585
8.  Davyhulme East           8,125
9.  Davyhulme West           7,743
10. Flixton                  8,459
11. Gorse Hill               8,184
12. Hale Burns               7,531
13. Hale Central             7,273
14. Longford                 8,531
15. Priory                   7,561
16. St Mary's                8,513
17. Sale Moor                7,783
18. Stretford                7,998
19. Timperley                8,376
20. Urmston                  8,096
21. Village                  7,620

J   WIGAN BOROUGH                   233,805
1.  Abram                            10,013
2.  Ashton                            8,898
3.  Aspull New Springs Whelley       10,079
4.  Astley Mosley Common              7,172
5.  Atherleigh                        7,871
6.  Atherton                         10,204
7.  Bryn                              9,137
8.  Douglas                           9,424
9.  Golborne and Lowton West          8,772
10. Hindley                           9,299
11. Hindley Green                     9,391
12. Ince                              9,494
13. Leigh East                        7,968
14. Leigh South                      10,637
15. Leigh West                       11,459
16. Lowton East                       8,079
17. Orrell                            8,538
18. Pemberton                        10,536
19. Shevington with Lower Ground     10,122
20. Standish with Langtree            6,914
21. Tyldesley                        12,273
22. Wigan Central                     9,503
23. Wigan West                       10,395
24. Winstanley                        8,297
25. Worsley Mesnes                    9,330

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