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These pages contain details regarding bills introduced into Parliament since 1997. Since 1999, this includes PDF copies of bills. To learn more about bills, see How Law is Made, and Bills Glossary.

Current Session

Other Records

  • For Hansard debates relating to Bills, see Hansard by Bill.
  • For research into bills undertaken by the Legislation Review Committee, see Legislation Review Digests.
  • Details of earlier bills (from 1997, the 3rd session of the 53rd Parliament, to present) are available from the left side menu.

Commencement Dates

An Act comes into force either on a specified date, on a day or days to be appointed by proclamation, or where no date is specified, 28 days after assent. A clause explaining how the act will come into force appears at the beginning of each bill.

Information about the commencement dates of Acts can be obtained from On that site, commencement information is located under Historical Notes for each Act.