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Lioncrusher's Domain > Herpestidae > Black Slender Mongoose

 First Described By
   Bocage, 1889

  Kingdom: Animalia
  Phylum: Chordata
  Class: Mammalia
  Order: Carnivora
  Family: Herpestidae
  Subfamily: Herpestinae
  Genus: Galerella
  Species: flavescens

 Physical Attributes
  Shoulder Height:
  Head and Body Length:
  Tail Length:

 Life Information
  Gestation: ?
  Litter size: ?
  Age at sexual maturity:
      Male: ?
      Female: ?
  Life Span: ?

IUCN: Least Concern

 Also Known As
  Angolan Slender Mongoose

Black Slender Mongoose
(Galerella flavescens)

Range and Habitat

The black slender mongoose is found in the African countries of Angola and Namibia.

  Online References

Lioncrusher/Rebecca Postanowicz, 2007.

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