Gregory Richards, 30, New York, N.Y.
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This site is dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001 tragedy.





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Victim of WTC

Gregory Richards, 30, New York, N.Y.

eSpeed division, Cantor Fitzgerald Confirmed dead, World Trade Center, at/in building


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Nekia Almond

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09/13/2002 5:53:45 PM

Hello Richard
On September 11, 2002, my employer Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals gave all employees a button, each with a name of a person in the September 11 tragedy. Your name was printed on the button that was given to me in memory of you.

You are missed by many. Rest in peace.

God Bless this world.

Laurence Tompkins

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10/03/2003 8:30:08 AM

Dear Greg,
Although we never met, after veiwing your picture I know you would have been the guy who stole all the good looking chics from me in the upper west side bars.

I pray you for your soul and eternal peace...
Here's to knowing your on the V.I.P. list in heaven...

Mary Beth

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10/05/2003 6:50:57 PM

To the family and loved ones of Gregory Richards:

It's been over two years now and I still mourn for those who lost their lives in such a senseless and horrific mannner. I'm certain that I can't posssibly comprehend the pain you are destined to live with on a daily basis. May it be of some comfort to you to know that people you will never meet pray for God to grant you the strength to carry on.

Rest in peace, Gregory. Watch over those who loved you...they need you now more than ever.


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09/10/2004 10:45:06 PM

Tomorrow, September 11 2004, I will be competing in a triathlon with Greg's name on my bib. The organization sponsoring the event chose to honor those who died in the 9/11 tragedy by having each competitor wear a sticker bearing the name of someone who passed away that dark day. I will be competing in honor of Greg, and with the sincerest hope that peace will one day prevail on earth.

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