Rivalry still a big deal for football team, fans
Winner of Red River shootout has gone on to national title game three of last seven years

By Joseph Millares
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The Red River Rivalry is as alive as it has ever been. Longhorn fans flooded the Main Mall in front of the Tower for the annual Torchlight Parade and rally Wednesday night.

Though both Texas and Oklahoma have a loss on the season, the rivalry is alive and well.

"[OU fans] are a bunch of toothless hicks," said radio-television-film and computer sciences senior Sergio Davila.

The bad blood that seems to fuel this rivalry can be attributed to many things.

For one thing, the Texas-Oklahoma game is usually accompanied by BCS implications.

Since 1999, the winner in Dallas has gone on to the BCS National Championship on 3 occasions, the Sooners in 2000 and 2004, and the Longhorns in 2005. "OU has higher stakes," added Romeo Palacios, a chemistry sophomore.

Texas coach Mack Brown had a little skip in his step at the rally, and said several times, "This is a big game."

The crowd was a rowdy one, and no one seemed to have a watch, because every time the emcees asked for the time the crowd yelled, "OU still sucks!"

"Yeah, Ohio State was nuts, but nothing compares to the Red River Rivalry," said chemistry sophomore Ryan Reyes.

Part of the rivalry's intensity lately comes with Texas and Oklahoma's record against the rest of the Big 12 South. Under coaches Bob Stoops and Mack Brown, the two teams are a combined 52-8 against the other four teams.

Just ask Aaron Ross, who asked the crowd, "Do you like OU?" The crowd responded with a convincing, "Hell No!"

The Red River Rivalry is intense, and legends are built and broken by it. The question is, where will you be when the next chapter in the legend is written?
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