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Looking to relocate, expand, or start a bioscience enterprise? Then it’s time to take a look at Maryland. We’re confident that the closer you look, the more you’ll like what Maryland has to offer.
  • More than 400 bioscience companies—the fastest growing cluster in the U.S.
  • Ranks second per capita in federal R&D obligations—$12.2  billion
  • State investment of over $450 million in bioscience infrastructure
  • Access to partners, major research universities, and federal institutions, most within an hour of each other
  • First ranked among U.S. states in the percentage of professional and technical workers (25.7%) in the workforce
  • Ranked second among the states in concentration of doctoral scientists and engineers

Global Reach, Local Access

What’s the strategic advantage of a Maryland location? In a word, ACCESS . To your customers. To competitors. To potential partners. And to the rest of the world.

Located halfway between Boston and Atlanta, London and Los Angeles—and with 90 percent of the state’s bioscience assets less than an hour away from each other—Maryland is where the bioscience industry comes together to develop and market new products and technologies.

What better way to ensure access to every corner of the U.S. and world markets than to situate your new or expanding business at the epicenter of the global bioscience community?

Strength and Numbers

Maryland boasts one of the fastest growing bioscience clusters in the United States, and the state continues to
attract established industry leaders and entrepreneurs to the area. With all the significant regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just a short drive away, Maryland businesses can save both time and money—especially in the areas of new drug and device applications and clinical trial reviews.
  • Home to eight percent of the U.S. bioscience market
  • More than 400 bioscience companies conducting biopharmaceutical discovery, developing new devices, diagnostics and research tools, and breaking new ground in bioinformatics
  • Home to 17 publicly traded companies, along with more than 20 companies conducting clinical trials for new biotherapeutics

Some of Maryland's leaders and innovators in bioscience include:
  • Biotherapeutics and Diagnostics MedImmune , Human Genome Sciences, Advancis, GenVec, Martek, Otsuka, BD Diagnostics, Digene, Invitrogen and Qiagen
  • Agricultural Biotechnology— Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Center for Biosystems Research and Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology II
  • Pharmaceutical & Biomanufacturing/Bioprocessing Cambrex , Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Shire U.S. Manufacturing, and  Pharmaceutics International
  • Bioinformatics Gene Logic , Celera Genomics and the National Institutes of Health

An Exceptional Workforce

With greater than 34,000 private sector bioscience employees, and a comparable number in university and federal research institutions, Maryland’s workforce quality and availability are the direct result of two decades of funding initiatives aimed at educating our workforce for a 21st century high-tech economy:
  • First ranked among U.S. states (25.7%) in percentage of professional and technical workers in the workforce
  • Ranked second in concentration of doctoral scientists and engineers, including first in Health Sciences and second in Bio and Agricultural Sciences
  • Second ranked among  the states in percentage of population 25 or older who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher (35.1%)

An Atmosphere of Creative Innovation

Home to more than 50 life science research-intensive federal institutions, several world-class academic institutions, an ever-expanding number of private research facilities—and recipient of $12.2  billion in federal R&D obligations—Maryland’s bioscience economy is driven by, and rooted in, an atmosphere of creative innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Recognizing that basic research is the cornerstone of technical innovation, Maryland has invested over $450 million in bioscience infrastructure, including $100 million in 2004 alone. The result is a unique atmosphere in which energy and resources help push ideas forward, with more momentum and a higher degree of participation across public and private sectors than is present in other areas.

Maryland’s leading R&D facilities in bioscience include federal powerhouses such as:
And Maryland institutions such as:
A Business-Friendly Environment

According to Entrepreneur magazine, the State of Maryland was the most active early-stage investor in the U.S. in 2006. Years of close coordination between the public and private sectors have helped Maryland formulate and execute a strategic plan to support the formation, expansion and growth of bioscience businesses—and to encourage entrepreneurship and excellence across the industry.

Maryland companies also benefit from the state’s commitment to incubators, partnerships and alliances aimed at helping businesses thrive. Key bioscience partners include:  

Contact the MD BizTeam at 410-767-6870 to learn more about opportunities for bioscience companies to locate or expand in Maryland.