PTC Punks "Family Guy"

by Josh Grossberg
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 02:00:00 PM PDT

Maybe once Stewie Griffin takes over the world, he can crush his enemies in the Parents Television Council.

The conservative media watchdog group, which fancies itself the guardian of the airwaves, released its annual report Wednesday on the least family-friendly programs--and six Fox shows had the dishonor of making the list, led by Family Guy.

The 'toon was joined by its Sunday night Fox brethren American Dad and The War at Home, along with Arrested Development, That '70s Show and The O.C.

"Families should not be deceived," PTC president Brent Bozell says in a statement. "[These] shows all contain crude and raunchy dialogue with sex-themed jokes and foul language. Even worse is the fact that Hollywood is peddling its filth to families with cartoons."

The latter remark is a dig at Family Guy and American Dad, two animated series created by Seth McFarlane.

"These two shows have contained scenes in which characters are shown having sex and topics such as masturbation, incest, bestiality, and necrophilia are routinely discussed," Bozell says.

As Stewie might say, "Good God, man, your point?"

Fox, meanwhile, was mum on the diss; a spokesperson says the network never comments on the Parents Television Council.

But there was plenty of player-hating to go around. Also targeted by the PTC were TV's two top shows: CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and ABC's Desperate Housewives. CBS' Two and a Half Men and Cold Case also earned low marks.

Like Fox, ABC and CBS declined comment.

According to the PTC's research director, Melissa Caldwell, the group based its rankings on such factors as the amount of coarse language, sex and violence the shows contained that tend to air earlier in the evening, when most kids haven't gone to bed yet.

But the PTC gave props to a handful of shows the group felt delivered the kind of Leave It to Beaver-esque content parents could feel good about watching with the little ones.

Getting the seal of approval: UPN's new critically acclaimed Chris Rock-inspired Everybody Hates Chris; NBC's treacly Three Wishes; ABC's feel-good Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; CBS' Jennifer Love Hewitt-sees-dead-people drama The Ghost Whisperer; and Fox's perennial hit talent show, American Idol.

The WB's Reba and Seventh Heaven, Fox's Bernie Mac Show and ABC's Dancing with the Stars, which will be back next spring, also got a thumbs-up.

The PTC says it had a hard time naming 10 shows that might be suitable for families, since "Hollywood does not care about families."

The nonprofit organization was founded in 1995 and has gained considerable clout on Capitol Hill advocating against televised indecency, especially in the wake of Janet Jackson's breast-bearing stunt at the Super Bowl two years ago.

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