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Who am I?

Lotus Pond                   a thousand stems              pierce the mist

How to Make Haiku

Fuyoh Magazine (Rose Mallow)

winter's breath on the train window I become a nobody><DD><b><h3><a href=Kanrai Magazine (Midwinter Thunder)

Essays from Haiku Journals

Essay from Acorn Magazine on kigo (season words). Their use and a proposition



Essay from Haiku Judai Magazine.



Essay from Kaitei Magazine.



Essay from NHK Haidan Magazine (in Japanese.)



Essay from Haiku Magazine (in Japanese.)



Essay by EKUNI Shigeru on Western vs Japanese Haiku.



Diary of my trip to Matsuyama to visit the Shiki Team. (includes haiku)



Haiku written by Dhugal.






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