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Milton Keynes now has free access to high speed wireless broadband connectivity
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Milton Keynes sets Wi-Fi free

Britezone offers free wireless broadband in the city centre

Will Head, 19 Oct 2006

Residents of Milton Keynes will be able to enjoy free wireless broadband in the city centre. 

The Britezone service has been setup by wireless comms firm Briteyellow in partnership with Invest Milton Keynes

A pilot service launches this month, covering the centre of the city on Midsummer Boulevard between Grafton Gate and Saxon Gate. 

The network equipment is installed on existing fixtures in the city such as road signs, walls, rooftops and lamp posts.

The service will initially supply signal coverage of two square kilometres in the city centre, but will extend to hundreds of square miles when the service eventually spreads to the whole of Milton Keynes.

"Milton Keynes' business and residential communities within the Britezone now have free access to one of the largest continuous areas of high speed wireless broadband connectivity in the UK," said Fredi Nonyelu, managing director at Briteyellow.

Grant Seeley, director of investment for Milton Keynes, added: "After 18 months of planning and testing the wireless network is now available, cutting vital communication costs for local businesses and residents alike.

"As the rollout progresses, we will do more research on how the service is being used and to determine the benefits of a secure network available on the move.

"For companies looking at Milton Keynes as a business destination, this could be a valuable proposition. For our emerging café culture, it is also a great opportunity to network and easily link into information systems back at the office if needed."

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