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M25 Junction 28 / A12 / Brook Street Interchange

M25 Junction 28 / A12 / Brook Street Interchange

Located in
Area 5, Area 6Map of the Agency's Operational Areas
Scheme type
Targeted Programme of ImprovementsRoad Schemes Managed by the Highways Agency
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The Project

The M25 Junction 28 / A12 / Brook Street Interchange carries very high volumes of traffic particularly during peak periods. The major flow is between A12 north-east and the M25 south-east and this leads to congestion within the junction and unreliable journey times. A major improvement to the junction involving dedicated free flow slip roads was one of the recommendations of the London to Ipswich multi-modal study which reported in November 2002.

Based upon this study, a scheme to improve journey time reliability and safety through the junction entered the government's targeted programme of improvements in March 2005.

In November 2006 we published an Environmental Statement and invited comments about our proposed improvement. In February 2007 these comments were submitted along with the improvement proposals to the Secretary of State for Transport. On 4 April 2007 our Scheme was approved. 

What is happening?

We are:

  • Widening the slip roads on the approaches to the junction
  • Providing a new dedicated left-turn lane from the M25 clockwise exit slip road to the A12 entry slip road (towards Chelmsford and Ipswich)
  • Extending the A12 merge lane towards Ipswich
  • Carrying out other minor works to improve safety

We are making these changes within the existing highway land. The improvements to the junction will complement the scheme for widening of the M25 between Junctions 27 and 30 from three to four lanes, which is also in the TPI programme.

A map of the new planned layout is available in the Contact Information and Map page.

Where is it happening?

Works are taking place at Junction 28 of the M25 where it crosses the A12. The A12 is the main route linking Ipswich and Chelmsford to London. The junction also connects to the A1023 (Brook Street) which links traffic from the Brentwood area to both the A12 and M25.

What are the benefits?

Benefits from the scheme will include:

  • reduced congestion at the busy junction
  • improved safety through the junction
  • improved signing
  • improved access to the local area, supporting regeneration and economic prospects
  • improved visual aspects as a result of new planting
  • all work to be carried out within the existing highway land (no changes to land use, no demolition of property and no loss of development land)
  • coordination with the delivery of the future M25 Widening
  • environmental improvements

When will the work take place?

The work started in late May 2007 and it is programmed to finish in Spring 2008.

Why is it necessary?

During morning and evening peak hours over 7,000 vehicles travel through the junction each hour, causing major congestion.  Traffic joining the A12 towards Ipswich has difficulty merging with traffic already travelling on it. The scheme will reduce congestion and improve safety at the junction.


To find out more about the roadworks, closures and diversion routes in place during this scheme please vist the Traffic Management page and the Roadworks page.