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Legends & Lore (1990)

Legends & Lore
Publisher:TSR, Inc.
Game Line:Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Game System:Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Product Code:TSR 2108
Cover Price:$20.00
# of Pages:192


Name Credit
Troy DenningDesign
James M. WardDesign
Timothy B. BrownAdditional Design
William W. ConnorsAdditional Design
William W. ConnorsEditing
George BarrInterior Artist
Terry DykstraInterior Artist
Erol OtusInterior Artist
Erik OlsonInterior Artist
Jean E. MartinInterior Artist
Jeff EasleyInterior Artist
Carol HeyerInterior Artist
Roger LovelessInterior Artist
John LakeyInterior Artist
Laura LakeyInterior Artist
Keith ParkinsonInterior Artist
Stephen D. SullivanIcons
Stephanie TabatGraphic Design
Sarah FeggestadKeylining
Paul HanchetteKeylining
Gaye O'KeefeTypesetting
David C. Sutherland IIICartographer
John KnechtCartographer

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