News from the Mayor of London: September 2006


Oxford Street gets its own dedicated local police team

Police at Oxford CircusEurope’s biggest shopping street is to get its own dedicated local policing team.

London's world famous Oxford Street will get a Safer Neighbourhoods team comprising of one police sergeant, three constables and 16 police community support officers.

The team will work out of Marylebone Street Police Station and will work closely with Oxford Street's 300 shops and other businesses targeting crime and anti-social behaviour.

The team will also work to make the area safer for the 200 million visitors that flock there each year.

Metropolitan Police Superintendent Jon Morgan said: 'Oxford Street is currently experiencing its lowest crime levels since 1996. This is a result of us working together with our partners, and commercial businesses.

'The introduction of this Safer Neighbourhoods team will help maintain this success and keep us one step ahead of those people who wish to detract from the experience of shopping on this world famous street.' The news that Oxford Street will get its own team follows the move to place a Safer Neighbourhoods team in each of London's 624 wards.

These smaller teams consist of a sergeant, two constables and three police community support officers who work closely with people in the local community where they are based.

A recent Greater London Authority poll by Ipsos MORI showed that Londoners have noticed this visible police presence, with more than half saying they have seen more police in their local areas in the last year.

And nearly three quarters of these say this has reduced anti-social behaviour where they live and has made them feel safer.

Did you know?

  • The Safer Neighbourhoods police teams started in April 2004.
  • Apart from in Oxford Street, each team consists of one sergeant, two constables and three police community support officers.
  • All 624 wards have police teams with four or more officers. They will all have six officers by March 2007.
  • The teams are based in local police stations, schools, hospitals, kiosks and even places of worship such as mosques.
  • They work closely with communities tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and other issues of concern to local people.
  • The Metropolitan Police has around 31,000 officers - more than ever before. It also has about 2,300 Police Community Support Officers. This increase has allowed Safer Neighbourhoods teams to be based throughout London.

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