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Worst TV Show of the Week

Family Guy
By Aubree Bowling

In spite of the few animated sitcoms fashioned for adults on prime time television, cartoons, to most people's minds, still equal children's programming. So a thirty-minute animated program that features a traditional family unit of mom, dad, son, daughter, baby son and talking dog looks on the surface to be a show for kids, or at least a family sitcom, but Fox's Family Guy is decidedly not for families. The show is hands-down one of the most obscene series ever to air on network TV and Fox is proudly bringing it back to its schedule this spring with new episodes. In the meantime, they are airing some repeats on Sunday evenings that are best forgotten.

On Sunday, January 16, a rerun from August 8, 2001 entitled "And the Weiner Is…" was aired at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT on Fox. The episode revolved around the father of the family, Peter, being overcome with jealousy when he discovers that his son Chris has larger genitals than he. The entire episode surrounded this absurd and disturbing premise, making it the PTC's hands down choice for Worst of the Week.

In one scene, Peter is trying to have sex with his wife, Lois, and can't perform because his mind is on his son's genitals. Peter blames Lois's genes, saying: "Thanks to you our son has a huge wang." Then Peter shows Lois Chris's penis and Lois exclaims: "Oh my, no wonder he's always slouching!"

Later, Peter tries to pretend that he too has large genitals by putting his infant son, Stewie, inside his pants, to make a large bulge. When Lois tells Peter that his behavior is sick, Peter says it's okay because Stewie is outside his underwear. Later Peter tries to compensate again by buying a large car and he simulates a sex act by driving the car into a tunnel that is animated in a way that suggests intercourse.

The episode is full of graphic talk and innuendo. Parents should help their children avoid this degrading television series and protect them from the innocence-shattering topics and themes purveyed each week on Family Guy.


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