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    Search Results for Vale Park, South Australia
    Search Date 07:37 AM, Monday 01st October, 2007

    General Information
    Name  Vale Park
    Date of Record 13-11-2001
    Record Number SA0065200
    Classification Geographical Name
    Feature Type Suburb
    Elevation -
    Locality Information
    Hundred Yatala
    Section -
    County Adelaide
    Post Code 5081
    Local Government Authority Corporate Town of Walkerville
    State SA
    Geographic Information
    1:50 000 Mapsheet Number 6628 3
    Map Datum AGD84
    Zone 54
    GDA 94 Coordinates -34.8860621 Latitude 138.6258189 Longitude 
    MGA 94 Coordinates 283031 East 6137019 North 
    AGD 84 Coordinates -34.8875252 Latitude 138.6244612 Longitude 
    AMG 84 Coordinates 282909 East 6136841  North 
    Name Information
    Named By -
    Date Named -
    Current Name -
    Previous Name -
    Alternative Name -
    Derivation of Name Vale House
    Other Information
    Other Details See Other Details
    Supporting Information See Supporting Information

    • GDA 94 and AGD 84 Coordinates are in decimal points of degrees.
    • MGA 94 and AMG 84 Coordinates, and Elevation are in unit metres.

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