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BDAMD: Basic Demonic Asinine Multi-Dimensional
Home site, by its creator: descriptions, code samples, download.
Strange Befunge-descendant language.
Obfuscated language, powerful, quite complete, unmaintained, based on forth, "false" (by W. van Oortmerssen), and "TRUE" (by Dewi). By Antonio Maschio.
Cat's Eye Technologies
Specifications, implementations, sample source code collections for several strange languages, comments on obfuscated language taxonomy and on several far-out coding practices, mail list, links to many related sites.
Comment Programming Language
An open-source language for writing comments.
DM's Esoteric Programming Languages
D. Morgan-Mar esoteric languages Chef, Haifu, Ook!, Piet, Whenever. Links.
Esoteric Programming Languages Ring
An organisation started to spread insanity and weird programming paradigms among the masses.
Programming language with two main goals: confusing everyone with an obfuscated syntax, and designing as powerful a language as possible with a tiny implementation: this compiler executable is only 1024 bytes, written in pure 68000 assembler.
Iota, Jot, Zot
Iota is unambiguous Turing complete language with only 2 symbols, heavily uses lambda calculus. Jot is Iota variant with elegant Goedel numbering. Also: 4 line Iota implementation, 5 line Jot implementation in Scheme, JavaScript interpreters for both languages.
malbolge: "hello world"
The very first Malbolge program to appear, how it was crafted (by a genetic algorithm program) and similar things.
Malbolge: Programming from Hell
Specifically designed to be extremely difficult to program in.
A language in which the IP (instruction pointer) varies depending on the current stack size.
An interpreter for the piet programming language. In this language the programs are pictures, build out of 18 colors and black and white - this is about the real "art of programming".
A programming language in which program flow can go sideways. Closely related to Befunge. Tutorial, reference, sample source code, Public Domain implementation available.
Obfuscated Weird Language: character-based language interpreter written in C, in the style of False. By Antonio Maschio.
Home of esoteric programming languages such as Java2K, Smith#, Sorted!, [], Esogotschi and the Great Python Language Zoo. Also heavy on the code obfuscation front.
Programming in Malbolge
Introduction to Malbolge programming. Also propose modificatins of Malbolge for making programming in it more worse.
Q-BAL Programming Language
A queue based programming language. It's not designed to be useful, just fun.
A language with beautiful source code that resembled Shakespeare plays.
The Unlambda Programming Language
Minimalistic functional language based on the Lambda calculus but lacking the Lambda operator. Tutorial, reference, GPLed interpreters available.
Turing Tarpit
Directory of sites dealing with obfuscated programming languages.
Turing incomplete programming language written by a guy named Larry, who's friends always asked him about his new PC: "What does it do?" Works via 2 registers: accumulator and match flag which holds one value (T or F).
Weird Programming Languages
Yet another list of obfuscated programming languages.
Any non whitespace characters are ignored; only spaces, tabs and newlines are considered syntax.
XS: XML-based Obfuscated Programming Language
Toy language. Harness the power of XML, by using it as a programming language. Compiler, sample code; interesting speculations on language design. By Mark Carter.
The esoteric programming language. Documentation, interpreter, and example programs.

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