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Charter School Agreements Renewed, But Las Américas to Close

June 15, 2007

To meet students' various needs and engage their interests, HISD offers a wide variety of programs, including charter schools, and on June 14, the Board of Education voted to renew agreements with the 17 internal charters (which report to various regional offices) and 13 external campus charters (which are overseen by the district's Alternative and Charter Schools Office) and that asked to continue their relationships with HISD. These schools range from elementary schools and science academies to early college high schools and high schools for recent immigrants and international studies.

The trustees also decided to close the Las Américas Early Childhood Development Center facility because of the termination and nonrenewal of the district's lease at the site, which is located in the West Region. Three HISD educational programs were housed there: Las Américas Early Childhood Development Center, Las Américas Middle School, and Kaleidoscope Middle School.

The prekindergartners will be redirected to the Mistral Early Childhood Education Center or their home schools, and HISD is studying options for the other students.