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Transport for London

Public Consultation on detail of proposed extension to congestion charging zone begins

09 May 2005

Consultation on congestion charge extension.

The 10-week public consultation is due to end on 15 July

Public consultation begins today on detailed proposals to extend the congestion charge westward.

In Spring 2004, public consultation took place on a revision to the Mayor's Transport Strategy to allow a Western Extension of the Central London Congestion Charging Scheme.

That consultation concentrated on the principle of a Western Extension.

TfL has now made a detailed proposal for the scheme reflecting many of the comments previously received.

Changes made to the proposals from the original consultation include a modified boundary for the charging zone, the residents' discount sector extended to include some particular areas that would otherwise experience parking and severance problems, and a proposal that the charging hours will also end at 6pm instead of 6.30pm.

The 10-week public consultation will end on 15 July.

Effects of an extended zone would include:

The net revenues from the western extension are predicted to be around £30m-£50m per year, and these would be spent on further transport improvements in London.

A leaflet explaining the proposal and a questionnaire are being sent to almost 700,000 households and 65,000 businesses within the proposed extended zone and an area adjacent to the enlarged zone.

The consultation is also being advertised in the press, on the radio an posters and via the web.

TfL hope to encourage anybody with comments to make on the proposals to respond to the consultation process.

In addition, exhibitions and roadshows will tour London to gather people's views.


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