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Something about the Barenaked Ladies' enthusiasm for their own stadium-rocking cheesiness always made their decidedly unhip pop rock palatable -- you couldn't hate them even if your dad loved them. But with Everything to Everyone, their seventh album, the Ladies' inoffensive singalongs seem just plain tired. The tunes are as warm and vaguely melancholic as ever, but aside from the slow, pretty "War on Drugs," they have all the emotional impact of a Hallmark card. The band's goofy humor is less apparent, though the one out-and-out jokey cut, "Another Postcard," finds second banana Ed Robertson reprising his gawky rapping style to unfortunate effect. You don't expect deep insights from megasuccessful pop stars, but here the Ladies aren't saying anything new, and they haven't found a new way to say the same old stuff.

(RS 936, November 27, 2003)

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