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Following in the bootsteps of other Nashville renegades who eventually outgrew country radio, the Dixie Chicks answer their critics with the unapologetic Taking the Long Way. Their seventh studio album embraces the depth and fury of classic rock while remaining true to the trio's Texas roots. Rather than try to forget about singer Natalie Maines' anti-Bush remarks of 2003 -- which landed them in hot water with a lot of station program directors -- the threesome declares it's still "Not Ready to Make Nice" and employs Semisonic guy Dan Wilson, Jayhawk Gary Louris and other unlikely contributors to help write hooks as strong as their own sentiments. Producer Rick Rubin enlists Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench and guitarist Mike Campbell to supply thick and gritty accompaniment that raises the urgency level of the album. If you've dismissed the Chicks or need a new reason to love them, the epic, howling longing of "Voice Inside My Head" will blow your expectations.


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Review 1 of 24

PopJunkie writes:

5of 5 Stars

I must confess that I have a bias against counry music. This is why reticent to even give this a try. I was impressed by their Bush comment and the fact that they did not wilt under the predictable backlash. The album was a relavation. The title track and lullaby are classics. This is one of the finer albums I have heard in years. Now if I can just get the straw out of my hair....

Mar 1, 2007 18:03:45

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Review 2 of 24

bertito writes:

1of 5 Stars

This is the 4th time I listen to this album, and I'm sorry but I cant find any warmth, emotion or soul and if I find it it's immediately overscreamed by the leadsinger. Natalie is her name? She sings awful, 66 minutes singing in just 1 range is too much for me. With 3 singers I hear no close harmony whatso-ever, only superthin backings singing along with the leadvocals, there is no existence of backingvocals as an own entity. The overall intrumental sound is also very mediocre, havent heard one original thing. Sometimes a song begins nice with good vibes and gitars but them it rolls into an overproduced mess. Im sure these girls are talented somehow but they lost track, and they are no songwriters nor singers. It seems like a sign of the times that only empty shouting is being recognized.

Feb 25, 2007 05:50:21

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Review 3 of 24

CyberQual writes:

1of 5 Stars

In contrast to some really great past music, this album seems to just drag on an on with no real highlights. Natalie's voice is more like high pitched screeching than singing on several of the tracks, which just grates like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Jan 8, 2007 22:39:39

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Review 4 of 24

Boiddiva02 writes:

4of 5 Stars

Not a big fan of country music, but this album is amazing. The Dixie chicks know how to rock it out... "Not Ready To Make Nice" is the best song on the album and is cacthy to boot. The rest of the album is excellent also.

Dec 28, 2006 00:55:19

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Review 5 of 24

ghibli99 writes:

5of 5 Stars

As a music fan who has never paid much attention to the Dixie Chicks, listening to this album closely for the first time recently was like an epiphany. Not only is their musical talent at a very high level, but Maines' voice is simply perfect. I can't believe how much it soars and yearns to be heard on these tracks. Wonderful production value and instantly catchy melodies and lyrics. I can't get enough, and it prompted me to go back to listen to other offerings like Home, Fly and Wide Open Spaces, all excellent albums, too. Who cares if this is country or not... this is simply great music.

Dec 4, 2006 20:22:31

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Review 6 of 24

Soul writes:

5of 5 Stars

This album speaks to my soul at this time in our country. As a woman and mother, I am so glad the Chicks didn't roll on what they believe because of record sales and money. They have integrity! The album is the best of the work to date. For young womaen and mothers, their courage and talent are inspiring.

Nov 1, 2006 11:54:25

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Review 7 of 24

jeff51 writes:

2of 5 Stars

As a long time Dixie Chicks fan, Taking the Long Way is a great disappointment. With the Chicks' considerable talent, it's imppossible for them to make a bad album, but this one is lost somehwere out there in genre limbo. Why did they make country music the enemy? Wasn't the difference of opinion with narrow minded people? I don't care what the Chicks' politics are and how they express it, but they should do it within the genre they know and do best, country. Contrast Natalie Maines' "Not Ready to Make Nice" with the Amish response to their real tragedy? It's hard to feel sorry for the Chicks' flying around in their private jets and huge ranches. The previous three Chicks album got progressively better, with "Home" reaching the classic level. I assume the title was no coincidence. Dixie Chicks, please, come home again! All is forgiven.

Oct 29, 2006 15:33:39

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Review 8 of 24

lfm56 writes:

5of 5 Stars

"Taking the Long Way" is not a political album. It is not a ready made for country radio project, direct from the Nashville hit machine. As a matter of fact as look through the album credits I do not see much mention of Nashville at all. I am note quite sure about the photos. It might be Nashville. It could be alot of places. Shunning Nashville is not surprising becausing many musicians from The Lonestar are most loyal to Texas. I am not sure if this is true, but I understand that when the Chicks head east, they make certain that the bus gets filled in Texarkana, so they they can get out of town without delay. Who knows? Sounds like a Lonestar rumor. This album is very well written and balanced. This collection speaks directly and hints at things between the lines."Taking the Long Way also flips off country radio. After only one week it boldly states; who needs you! If country music was half as good as it was ten years ago I still would be a fan. I was a huge fan and I have the CDs, DVDs and VHS to prove it. I still enjoy this works, for some are the finest music ever recorded. Country music today simply dose not have the talent that it had ten years ago in the main stream. I do not have a problem with pro-troop support in the music. I do not have a problem with songs about angels. I kinda like having angels around. I do not have a problem with Jesus driving. I wish Jesus would drive more often. What bothers me is that country radio will beat these song into the ground. Not for weeks, for an entire year! Another problem I have with country radio is not wanting to play the Dixie Chicks and then give awards to Jimmy Buffett. Why? I hope that attiitudes have changed and the bulldozers have been parked, so everyone can enjoy this new collection. If not that is OK too. To be able to smash "Taking the Long Way", you will need to buy it!

Jun 5, 2006 11:22:10

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