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I am a walking screaming hell/a thing of torture to behold" – it takes big stones to sell such lyrics, but burly Glenn Danzig proves pumped for the task. He has mastered both the yahoo manqué yell of Jim Morrison circa "Roadhouse Blues" and a Lizard King whisper that suggests dark ceremonies, torchlit rites. Danzig's tightest set, 4 uncorks John Christ's Black Sabbath-spinoff guitar on bluesy goth rock, but the whiplash sound effects on "Sadistikal" risk redundancy, and "I Don't Mind the Pain" hilariously understates their case.

Polychromatic guitar, touch-of-funk percussion and lyrics that skirt the genre's staple voodoo make the Cult the choice for conscious headbangers. Three years after the tepid Ceremony, superlunged Ian Astbury and co. pounce back hot. Their cosmic thirsts bubble up on "Universal You," and verses like "Riot girl, show me your truth" offer rare, nifty uplift.

Megadeth main man Dave Mustaine has a yen for the majestic – and with spooky consistency, he succeeds in erecting towering sonic obelisks. Working this Wagnerian tip is dicey, but Megadeth's secret weapon – an oiled precision that suggests Stygian rehearsals – is calibrated to kill. "Elysian Fields" and "Victory" are prime Mustaine: This is metal-machine music, indeed. (RS 698/699)


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Amoniz writes:

5of 5 Stars

Megadeth is one of the best Thrash metal bands ever.The frontman, Dave Mustaine (Megadave), is probably a genius of our time! Youthanasia is Megadeth's highest point.The members are matured, the riffs are heavier, melodies are better &etc. The subject of the album, is about the politicians, or mush simple the society, killing &destroying the youth of the nation,& make them collapse, or simply attempt suicide! Just as mentioned on the sleeves, even the title tells it self: Youth + Euthanasia =Youthanasia! Sad lyrics, minor-chromatic melodies, hard bass slapping, give a dark & sad atmosphere to the album. Actually, all the songs are great, little are hits, such as "Train of consequences", or "A tout le monde", but, they're all amazing at their own position. "Reckoning day", a heavy thrash tune about the judgement day, which makes you surprised, while God tells : "Don't want no revenge, ain't pay back ..." It's nice that both Megadeth guitarists (Mustaine & Friedman), play solos, which makes the songs varied & cool! There are really powerful Metal songs in here, such as "Addicted to chaos", "Elysian fields", "The killing road", "Black curtains"...Which could have been nice radio-friendly hits, but anyway.they're not "noisy", neither are soft! Heavy & ugly! And some great harmonic tracks, such as "A tout le monde", "Blood of heroes", "I thought I knew it all" & "Family tree", which kick your a-s-s!! I mean they will attract everybady who's not into metal! There's a song here, "Victory", which discribes Megadeth's career from '85 - '94! The "title track", I assume, can't really be compared to others, 'cause it's a bit weaker. Youthanasia is a Heavy Metal Jewel! And stands at the position of Metallica's "Black album"...Both bands changed their style after these records!! Youthanasia simplyproves, that Heavy metal is the most beautiful (& sensitive) music genre of our time!

Oct 14, 2006 04:25:41

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