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Talib kweli earns the respect he gets. He's got plenty of brains and enough flow, and though his attempts to make conscious rap commercial inspire purist sniping, he's balanced the two with integrity and grace. But four solo albums in, it can't be an accident that he's done his signature work with collaborators – Mos Def (Black Star), Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal) and many, many cameos (try the z "My Favorite Mutiny"). The man simply lacks spark. Kweli's Warner debut features yet more cameos -- Kanye! Norah Jones! UGK! – and many, many producers. Though it's admirably consistent and pretty darn OK, it lacks a knockout track to counterbalance the complaints about the King James Bible and swine toothpaste. Closest is one to his kids, with Musiq Soulchild adding music and soul, child. Just after, "Listen!!!" establishes its right to bang on your title orifice. But then there's Justin Timberlake's bonus cut. JT -- eschew philosophy! You sing, therefore you are.


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EssJayDee writes:

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Talib has finally stepped right up to the plate and delivered something special. Each song has a totally different flow, attitude and style, yet they all blend together to take you on a journey. With many stand out tracks the album delivers on many different levels and serves as a delight to the ears, improving with each listen. To those who are still saying Talib isn't quite producing the goods yet - if this album isn't amazing, then i don't know what is. A must buy for any fan of true rap and hiphop who wants to listen to a poet flowing and rhyming about the truth. 5 out of 5 any day of the week.

Sep 30, 2007 14:12:58

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RoddickRemixed writes:

4of 5 Stars

"Reflection Eternal" will be reflected eternally. "Quality" was quality throughout. "Beautiful Struggle" was a struggle between the underground and the radio; the struggle was not altogether too beautiful. After numerous delays, mixtapes, and release date evasions, "Eardrum" is upon us. It shines uniquely to each of his previous efforts: in comparison to "Beautiful Struggle," Kweli took two steps forward; in comparison to "Reflection Eternal," well, there is no comparison. No matter what, Kweli is an amazing lyricist, penning an incredibly captivating disc in "Eardrum." It was well worth the wait.

Sep 12, 2007 22:39:25

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