Zero To Hero
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A trip to the netherworld changes the life of a shoddy and irresponsible cop. Cast: Edmund Chen as Xia Jizu, Chen Liping (Zhong Lizhi), Yao Wenlong (Bang), Patricia Mok (Xie Xiumei), Zheng Geping (Xu Zhiniang/Elephant), Andrew Seow (Zhengde), Florence Tan (Dolly), Carole Lin (Hongzhu), Ye Shipin (Gu).

From May 16, Mon-Fri @ 9pm

Xie Jizu (Edmund Chen) is a timid and cowardly 40-year-old policeman, who leaves all the parenting work to his hardworking wife Li Zhi (Chen Liping). He also shirks his duties as a son, making his younger sister Xiumei (Patricia Mok) take care of their aged parents. He does not get along with his brother-in-law Elephant (Zheng Geping), preferring to play mahjong instead of visiting more often.

After Jizu’s father Xie Shiyi (Zhang Wei), passes away, Jizu persistently prays to him for good gambling luck.

One day, Jizu meets with a car accident on the way back from a gambling session. He arrives at the netherworld and meets his deceased father. Through his father’s introduction, he gets to know many of his ancestors.

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Jizu learns that there are tax systems much like in the real world. When the spirits in the netherworld wish to bless their offspring in the living world, they have to pay a fee. Shiyi has been trying to satisfy Jizu’s greed that he sold the big paper house that was burnt for him, and also incurred a lot of debts to pay the fees to bless his son. Jizu feels guilty and reaches a new level of understanding with his father.

Jizu gets to know many friends in the netherworld, including a contractor Zhengde (Seow Ee Meng) who was viciously murdered and his body dismembered. The killer has hidden his body well, so the police are unable to locate it and solve the case. Zhengde has tried to tell his wife Dolly (Florence Tan) the location through frequent dreams, but the absent-minded Dolly can never remember it when she wakes up.

Ten-year-old Car (Zhang Jiaqi) had been living happily with his mother Hong Zhu (Carole Lin) when he 'fell' to his death from his home one day.

Li Zhi has an admirer Ah Bang (San Yow). One day, Jizu hits Ah Bang in anger and accidentally finds out that Jizu in the living world is simply comatose. With the assistance of all the friends and relatives in the netherworld, Jizu returns to the living world, with a promise to help all of them fulfill their last wishes.

Upon returning to the living world, Jizu becomes an entirely different man. He loves his wife, and even starts to rebuild his broken relationship with his younger sister and brother-in-law. He becomes a hardworking policeman, and even quits gambling.

With help from many of his spirit friends and the victims themselves, Jizu manages to solve many police case that had previously been cold cases.

Jizu and Elephant help Dolly track down the murderer who killed Zhengde, Ah Bao (Brandon Wong). In desperation, the latter falls to his death while holding Li Zhi hostage, taking her with him. Upon reaching the netherworld, Ah Bao becomes an evil spirit and locks everyone into the fires of hell.

Will Jizu be able to enter the netherworld again and save Li Zhi and his spirit friends?

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