D. W. Grifffith and the Historical Imagination
by Mark Royden Winchell


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"There was no surrender at Appomattox, and no withdrawal from the field which committed our people and their children to a heritage of shame and dishonor. No cowardice on any battlefield could be as base and shameful as the silent acquiescence in the scheme which was teaching the children in their homes and schools that the commercial value of slavery was the cause of the war, that prisoners of war held in the South were starved and treated with a barbarous inhumanity, that Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee were traitors to their country and false to their oaths, that the young men who left everything to resist invasion, and climbed the slopes of Gettysburg and died willingly on a hundred fields were rebels against a righteous government.”

The Rev. James Power Smith, last surviving member of Jackson’s staff, 1907

The League of the South Institute for the Study of Southern Culture and History (LSI) is the educational arm of the Southern independence movement. Made up of the South's finest unreconstructed scholars, the LSI is dedicated to combating the demonisation of the South and its culture and heritage in the academic arena. The Institute already has an impressive track record--numerous summer institutes, a growing pamphlet series on Southern Studies, Hedge School Seminars, and numerous books and articles published by LSI scholars--but we intend to do much more. As the intellectual leaders of the Southern movement, LSI members and associates seek to restore a solid cultural foundation which will nourish and sustain a free and prosperous people. Without such a foundation, all other facets of the Southern movement--political, social, and economic--will not flourish.

We invite you to support the LSI as the South's best hope for properly educating Southern youth and for countering the political correctness that has infected our educational institutions all across Dixie. Unless we pass on our traditions to the young, the hope of restoring our ancient Christian liberties will die with us.

The Institute is the educational branch of the Mary Noel Kershaw Foundation and is a 501c 3 nonprofit organization, contributions to which are fully tax deductible. Checks should be made payable to League of the South Institute. Those who desire their contributions to be used only for student scholarships should so indicate. Mail to Mary Noel Kershaw Foundation, PO Box 41012, Nashville, TN 37204. All inquiries concerning the Institute should be sent to the League of the South Institute, PO Box 760, Killen, Alabama 35645. All inquiries . . . to Dr. Michael Hill, Interim Director, 146 Bridgewood Dr., Killen, Alabama 35645 . . . . Phone (800) 888-3163

League of the South Institute for the Study of Southern History and Culture

President, J. Michael Hill, PhD. League of the South, Alabama
Director, Dr. Mark Winchell, Clemson University
Associate Director, James E. Kibler University of Georgia
Home Schooling and Secondary Education Program,
OOOOKatherine Dalton Boyer, Kentucky
Arts and Crafts Director, J. Scott Goldsmith, South Carolina
Agrarian Living Program Director, Franklin Sanders, Tennessee
Communications Director, Michael C. Tuggle, North Carolina

Affiliated Scholars and Artists:

Clyde N. Wilson University of South Carolina
David Aiken, University of Charleston, South Carolina
Benjamin Alexander, Franciscan University - Steubenville, Ohio
The Rev. William Barr, Texas
Roger Busbice, Nicholls State University, Louisiana
John Chodes, Playwright, New York
A. J. Conyers, Baylor Theological Seminary, Texas
The Rev. Alan Cornett, Alabama
Marshall DeRosa, Florida Atlantic University
Thomas DiLorenzo, Loyola University-Baltimore, Maryland
Thomas Fleming, Editor, Chronicles, Illinois
J. Scott Goldsmith, Painter, South Carolina

John Remington Graham, Constitutional Law, Quebec
J. Michael Hill, Historian, Alabama
Randall Ivey, University of South Carolina--Union
Jack Kershaw, Sculptor, Tennessee
James E. Kibler, University of Georgia
Thomas H. Landess, Freelance writer, South Carolina
Ross Lence, University of Houston, Texas
The Rev. Timothy Manning, Sr., North Carolina
Larry Matheny, Centre College, Kentucky
James McClellan, University of London
James B. Meriwether, University of South Carolina
Tito Perdue, Novelist, Alabama
Joseph Stromberg, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn University, Alabama
Bart R. Talbert, Salisbury State University, Maryland
Rev. Steven A. Wilkins, Author, Louisiana
Clyde N. Wilson, University of South Carolina
William Wilson, University of Virginia
Mark R. Winchell, Clemson University, South Carolina