Welcome to the DevonAvenue.community. This site is dedicated to the Indian and Pakistani community that is located in the Chicago area. As we all know, here in Chicago, Devon Avenue is synonymous with the South Asian community. So what better name to use for the site, than DevonAvenue.com. Almost every Indian and Pakistani in the United States has heard of Devon Avenue. Don't be mistaken, there are many people around the world that have heard of Devon Avenue as well. Devon Avenue is a street that is rich in culture. Devon Avenue caters to people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Croatia, and many others. Sections of Devon Avenue have been given secondary names in honor of the people that inhabit the respective areas. Devon Avenue also goes by the names of Gandhi Marg, Mohammed Ali Jinnah Way, and Golda Meier Blvd.

Historically, Devon Avenue has undergone a variety of changes in its 140-year history. First built in the 1850s as Church Road, it was renamed by English settlers for their native county of Devonshire. Later, Devon became the main shopping area for Chicago's Jewish community. Today, an influx of immigrants has added spice to an already colorful neighborhood. Current census puts the Indo-Pak community around 400,000 in Chicagoland.

This website has been around since 1999. We were the first portal to bring the people of the Indian sub-continent in the Chicagoland area together on the internet and always will be. Other copycat websites have come and gone. We're still here! We hope to be here for a long time, thanks to you. You will find a large number of resources here on the website. Check back daily, as content is always changing.

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