Honda   BRM P261

Engine Type P56 1498cc 16-valve V-8
Power 222 bhp @ 11,750 rpm
Gearbox Type P72 6-speed gearbox
Chassis monocoque, duralumin panels
Wheelbase 90.5"
Front Track 55"
Rear Track 53.4"
Weight 1028 lb
Front tyres/ wheels Dunlop R6 or R7 5.50 or 6.00x13 on Dunlop magnesium alloy wheels
Rear tyres/ wheels Dunlop R6 or R7 6.50 or 7.00x13 on Dunlop magnesium alloy wheels
Components Fuel injection - Lucas
Ignition - Lucas transistorised
Fuel and Oil - Shell
Dampers - Armstrong
Brakes - Dunlop discs, Ferodo pads
Instruments - Speedwell tachometer, others Smiths
Designer Tony Rudd
Notes The engine started the year producing 205 bhp @ 10,750 rpm.  A new 3-hemisphere head was introduced at the International Trophy Race at Silverstone, which probably produced 212 bhp @ 11,500 rpm.  Finally, knife-edge valve seats were introduced at Monza boosting the power to that quoted in the table above.