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Since JoJo released her debut album at the age of thirteen, the R&B popster has become a role model to suburban adolescents who talk gangsta but still carpool to school in mom's Kia Sorento. ("Yo, these cup holders is the shizz!") The High Road won't disappoint them, and it should also establish the now-fifteen-year-old singer as a future pop powerhouse. JoJo has got average-girl appeal with diva-quality pipes, and on songs such as the title track and "Too Little Too Late," she shows a nuanced command of how to work an R&B arpeggio like a pro. With a team of ace producers featuring Scott Storch, Vincent Herbert and Soulshock, it's no surprise that even the most cloying of these tracks is a potential hit, including Diane Warren's hankie-soaker "Exceptional," which could score the closing credits to the next Amanda Bynes flick. But the two worthiest numbers come right up top, with the Storch-produced opener, "This Time," and Swizz Beatz's bump-and-grind "The Way You Do Me," where JoJo does her best impression of Kelly Clarkson impersonating Beyonce. I still can't decide whether the sample from Toto's "Africa" in "Anything" is the coolest thing about The High Road or the lamest, but maybe that's because I've always preferred "Hold the Line."


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Review 1 of 7

kennith07 writes:

5of 5 Stars

im kennith from philippines. i do like jojo so much. especially her voice, music, move and everything. i hope that many more music to come in her life so that many people inspired her music. for me she is the rnb pop princess.

Jul 28, 2007 01:13:28

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Review 2 of 7

DJRnold writes:

4of 5 Stars

JoJo is trying stuff she didn't do before. More hiphop. More slow-jammy songs. At the same time, she brings back the pop that we know and love, but this time her vocals are much better. I like "exceptional", but find the lyrics cheesy/corny. I like "How to touch a Girl", and I find it a little old fashioned. My absolute favourite songs oin the album are "Too Little Too Late", "Coming For You", and "Let It Rain". Since her second single was "How To Touch a Girl", and her third is going to be "Anything", I hope that "Coming For You" is her fourth, and "Let It Rain" is fifth. I really like the album.

Mar 10, 2007 08:39:24

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Review 3 of 7

aaliyahjustinfan writes:

5of 5 Stars

VOCALS!!!! VOCALS!!!! VOCALS!!!! That's all I have to say. Not only does she delve much deeper into her preferred R&B roots, but she also takes a journey into a more mature light of viewing things. You see, she gave us loads of vocal fun on the debut album, but she was only thirteen, so the maturity only came through on a couple of songs. But now she's given us an entire album chocked full of hott MATURE songs!!! FIVE STARS FOR MRS. LEVESQUE!!!

Nov 20, 2006 08:01:12

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Review 4 of 7

Chubbyboy613 writes:

4of 5 Stars

The High Road the second CD by R&B diva Jojo. This CD to me is about as good as it gets for female R&B this year.With Cd's by Beyonce',and Christina A.that were a little off standard Jojo shines with the high road. Yea her sails are a bit low to say the least but its a great CD.Great voice and songs with a Little more vocal control then the last CD she showed that shes more then a one hit wonder and a cute face. With the top 10 hit "Too Little Too Late" and her Urban influenced songs "The Way You Do Me" "This Time" and "Good Ol'" witch set the tone for the CD. Also her Aaliyah "Rock The Boat" imitation "Do Me Like That" ,and the Kelly Clarkson "Sense You Been Gone" imitation "Coming For You".She showed her talent with power vocals on "The High Road" and "Not To God". My personal favorite. song sense i brought mine from Wal-Mart is "Get It Poppin'".This is one CD that deserves more then 3 and a half stars whoever wrote that review please go back and listen to the whole CD please.

Nov 3, 2006 22:37:25

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Review 5 of 7

conceitedmcluva writes:

4of 5 Stars

I love this cd. I knew it was going to be good before I even heard it. Even though I still feel her first cd is better in many ways, The High Road shows maturity and growth, and it shows that at 15 she can sing better than most of these new artists out there.

Nov 2, 2006 19:52:24

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Review 6 of 7

RS1976 writes:

4of 5 Stars

It's like the reviewer wanted to give the CD 3 stars, but found herself too "hip" to do so. It's a good CD - The High Road won't change the world, but there's a lot less filler than on JoJo's debut. And her vocals are stronger.

Nov 2, 2006 17:40:19

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Review 7 of 7

artmartin2002 writes:

5of 5 Stars

Great album...only thing missing is more Timbaland, but overall a very solid sophomore album...girl can sing!

Oct 24, 2006 15:35:50

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