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Fat Joe

All Or Nothing  Hear it Now

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Fat Joe isn't so hefty anymore in person. But his sixth album sounds puffy: Production work from Cool and Dre and from Just Blaze and cameos from Nelly, Eminem and R. Kelly are enough to render All or Nothing the most conspicuous rap record of the early summer, but Joe's tough-guy shtick and straight-ahead rhymes are varied enough to carry the album from front to back. All or Nothing boasts three hot singles: a "Lean Back" remix with a show-stealing Eminem cameo, the Cool-and-Dre-produced "So Much More," and "Get It Poppin," a club-hit-to-be with Nelly as hook boy. Elsewhere the main item of interest is the 50 Cent-dissing "My Fo Fo," a clever, menacing banger that, like most dis tracks, will sound incredibly dated in six weeks.


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