For details on whether your prospective residence will be within the Eruv, contact Rabbi Yonah Levant at

Click the links below for a printable map.
Please note: there are two versions, a 11" X 17" pdf, or two 8.5" X 11" pdfs which can be put together.

11" X 17" Eruv Map

8.5" X 11 Eruv Map left side

8.5" X 11" Eruv Map right side

Important Notice: If you live in an apartment building you need to contact the Rabbi to help arrange a nominal rental of the hallways, stairwell, lobby and other shared areas. This rental does not affect liability or access. The Eruv will not permit you to carry into and out of the apartment building unless you have first done this rental.

If you live in a private house, or in a multi-family house, but you have your own non-shared stairwell or other non-shared paths of access or egress, then you may use the Eruv now.

Important Notice: If you will use the Eruv, you need to call the synagogue office Fridays at (718) 786-4103 to listen to the recorded message about the Eruv's status. The Eruv will be checked weekly and the recorded message will be updated by 3 PM Fridays, latest.