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If nothing else, the spin doctors deserve credit for tenacity. In the eight years since their megaplatinum studio debut, Pocket Full of Kryptonite, they've watched two follow-up LPs falter, been dropped by their first label and weathered a revolving door of lineup changes. Their latest album, Here Comes the Bride, finds the New York quartet with a new guitarist and little to lose. The Spin Doctors expand their midtempo palette with reggae and other funky backbeats, and enliven their trademark boogie blues with a touch of keyboards (thanks to Ivan Neville). Vocalist Chris Barron can still sound like an overwrought flower child, but his drawling delivery is tempered by more concise, less jam-oriented song structures on tracks such as the love plaint "Diamond." A little post-hippie trippiness remains, as well: "Waiting for the Blow" includes an Ink Spots sample and an answering-machine interlude, and a hidden track, "Let's Try Again," offers some shimmering backward drone. Bride may not spur a comeback, but it's a good effort from a band relegated to rock's Borscht Belt circuit. (RS 814)


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