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American Atheists Inc., Lon Bevill, v. City Of Stark, Florida.

American Atheists Inc., Mark W. Butler v. The City of Jacksonville, Florida, Mayor John Peyton, Sherrif John Rutherford, Council President Michael Corrigan.

Chester Smalkowski, Nadia Smalkowski, American Atheists v. Hardesty Public School District, The County Of Texas County, Oklahoma, The Town Of Hardesty, Oklahoma, David Davidson, David Brewer, Lloyd Buckley, Ernest Cook.

Clyde Baxley, Grace Brown, Edward Byford, Bill Jager, Al Sundquist, James Woolever, Arlen Acharias, and Dorothy Anne Zappa Vs. State of Alaska

American Atheists, Inc., and Steve Walker vs. City of Detriot, City of Detroit Downtown Development Authority, and Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

Steel Crosses on Utah Highways

“Dobsongate” Freedom of Information Act Request

American Atheists vs. Starke, Florida


Idaho Atheists National Day of Prayer Case

Court Decision on Idaho Atheists National Day of Prayer Case

Society of Separationists vs. Pleasant Grove

Challenging Kentucky County Tax Exemption for Clergy

Lawsuit generates press coverage. (August 2005)

Borden v. School District of the Township of East Brunswick et als.


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