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On its last two albums, San Diego quintet Switchfoot was a faceless Christian band turning out largely forgettable alt-rock -- albeit largely forgettable alt-rock that managed to go platinum. With Oh! Gravity, Switchfoot up their game on a handful of bright songs. Tunes such as "Amateur Lovers" suggest a ballsier Cheap Trick with a dose of contemporary-radio gloss. Jon Foreman is a decent lyricist -- his earnest philosophical observations are occasionally insightful, and he usually avoids overt preachifying -- but his unremarkable rock-dude voice can't carry lesser, sludgier songs. And forgettability is still a problem: Several tracks -- whether inspirational stuff like "Awakening" or darker cuts like "Circles" -- are about as generic as today's radio rock gets. Beats the crap out of Creed, but still.


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kikonishvili writes:

4of 5 Stars

The first, we must underline about this American group’s new album, is that, this album isn’t the irresponsible copy of the previous ones. To define concretely: before their debut with label, group has released 3 albums – genre: Lo-Fi indie. Then, in the debut Switchfoot showed the way from Lo-Fi indie to synthetic, more layered music which made group one of the most popular in mainstream. The next working – album with heavy music, heavy guitar riffs and the next stop – Oh! gravity. as it was planned, Oh! gravity would be EP, but then musicians guessed that had more to say and to sing, so, released album as LP with more different music. for the fans of alternative rock, this LP is a really great present. If you think about the concept of the band’s name, you’ll discover that they were too ambitious, when named the band. In surfing to switch your feet means to take a new stance facing the opposite direction. So, for band this name is about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music. George Kikonishvili

Feb 7, 2007 14:39:37

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switchfootrocks writes:

5of 5 Stars

The latest release from intelligent rockers, Switchfoot, steps into new territory for the band. Switchfoot delivers new sounds that derive from a number of influences but still keep their signature sound on all of the tracks. Jon Foreman's lyricism is catchier than ever, giving his input on the falling society around us on tracks such as Oh! Gravity and Awakening. Several other songs such as American Dream, Faust and 4:12 question the true meaning of life and the uselessness of success and money. Switchfoot puts so much passion and honesty into their work and it definitely shines through here. Every single track is definitely worth a listen because each one provides thoughtful insight on life, faith, love, and God.

Feb 3, 2007 12:27:15

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CireM657 writes:

5of 5 Stars

Switchfoot has proven once again their brilliant song writing skills and their ability to use their music to get their message across. Whether it's in the song "Oh! Gravity" where lead singer Jon Foreman questions why in the physical word everything is attracted to each other, why are people falling apart, or in "Awakening," where it is discovered that only at the bottom new life begins. The first 4 songs of this cd are the best first 4 of any cd i've heard in a very long time. The whole cd is packed with solid, catchy vocals and guitar riffs, while Chad Butler lays down his always steady drum beats. A great listen no matter if you are Christian or not. Switchfoot rocks, and continues to grow into a more energetic, exciting band with every release.

Feb 2, 2007 13:00:46

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