The Virgin Suicides [Original Soundtrack]

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For Sofia Coppola's debut as a feature-film director, French instrumental dudes Air made an album that's some previously unknown form of spooky goth music for kids. The tone is set by a Bowie-tinged song of youthful love and sadness titled "Playground Love." Thereafter, gnomic music of synths and saxes and ironies burbles and bubbles along, broken up by dance beats on up-tempo moments like "Empty House" and "Dead Bodies," where Air finally resurrect their old Bacharach-esque swirl. "Bathroom Girl" luxuriates in a slowed-down Beatlehead melody; "Cemetery Party" works a lacy bunch of synth and guitar stylings atop a stark electronic stutter. "Dirty Trip" blooms and broods, rather like a tiny tribute to Seventies Pink Floyd. The album is exceedingly strange yet scrupulously crafted and intelligent. Chances are that Air, as they fashioned this fetching and jejune and weirdly disturbing score, were also having a small laugh. (RS 836)


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