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Teairra Mari

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Apparently Jay-Z just can't get enough of Beyonce: Having scored the real thing as his girlfriend, the Def Jam prez is releasing records from a couple of pretty young things who obviously spent some time studying Miss B's playbook. The debut from Detroit native Teairra Mari is full of Knowlesian crooning and sex appeal, although the seventeen-year-old Mari doesn't have her idol's vocal presence yet. She makes up for that by being tougher, dropping the n-bomb, thoroughly dissing her ex on "New Sh*t" and singing of growing up fatherless and poor on "No Daddy" over a "Yeah!"--like beat. Roc-A-Fella Records Presents Teairra Mari is dragged down by some perfunctory slow jams, but when she's riding a club-ready groove, as on the hot, horny single "Make Her Feel Good," Mari goes a long way toward sounding like her own woman.


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