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1421: The Year the Chinese DID NOT Discover America

A Tabulation of the Evidence Against Gavin Menzies



Americans will soon (January 2003) be able to read a new history book which the author hopes will revolutionize the study of navigational history.  His thoughts, and indeed the entire book, lays out a description of how the Chinese, led by Zheng He, discovered America (and indeed traversed the entire North American continent) in 1421, well before Columbus.  Not only did the Chinese discover America, but also established colonies in such places as South America, the Caribbean, and North America. 


This web page is designed as a starting point for those who would like evidence that supports the fact that Menzies is flat out wrong.  This web page is designed to debunk the various misinformation that was exhibited in Gavin Menzies “historical” novel, 1421: the Year China Discovered the World. 


Menzies created quite a stir by announcing his intentions to write this novel, and indeed got one of the largest book contracts in the historical field (approximately $750,000).  Yet historians label him as yet another figure writing  “Alternative History”….


Whatever the realities may be, historians have indeed spilled quite a lot of ink to make sure Menzies is never taken seriously….