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  •  September 07:
Voting for presidential elections begins.

  •  September 04:

Mubarak ends his campaign trail today with a public rally in Cairo.

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What is the most important issue determining your vote for the presidential candidate?
Creating more job opportunities
More freedom and democracy
Increasing wages
In this space, your comments directly reach the president. Please do not hesitate to ask a question or express an opinion.
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  •  President Mubarak Re-elected with Landslide Vote

In a landslide victory, the NDP candidate Hosni Mubarak was declared the winner of Egypt's first competitive multi-candidate election for President, with 88.5 percent of the vote. Mubarak received 6,316,784 million votes out of a total of 7,305,000 million votes.

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  •  All Campaigning Activities Stop 48 Hours Prior to Elections

As of September 5th, all campaigning activities by presidential candidates will stop two days prior to the election on September 7th, as stipulated by Presidential Elections Law.

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President Mubarak's vision is comprised of a comprehensive electoral platform. The platform has six main programs, each addressing a specific concern for the people of Egypt.

  •  Political Reform Program

This program is considered one of the highlights of the Mubarak electoral platform and details a series of political reforms which will take place over the next six years.

  •  Employment Program: "Our Youth Will Work"

The program is a clear, straightforward commitment to create 4.5 million new sustainable jobs over the next 6 years.

  •  Improving Standards of Living

The program entitles a series of 12 projects related to housing, education, health care, transportation and infrastructure, access to clean water and sewage system networks, and developing squatter settlements.

  •  Social Security Program

The fourth program focuses on ensuring a better income for all. The platform, as a whole, is committed to building a fairer and more inclusive society in which everyone can contribute to and benefit from economic prosperity.

  •  Middle Class Program: "Closer to the Middle Class"

The fifth program is devoted to meeting the demands and the needs of the middle class, a major engine for growth and progress in any society.

  •  Foreign Policy Program:
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