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Award winning Canadian designer, Joeffer Caoc is one of the top designers dressing this year’s Canada’s Walk of Fame host Trish Stratus for the big night on June 3, 2006.

His recent show “Beauty in Calamity” where he exhibited his Fall/Winter 2006 collection at L’Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto, featured many ‘killer’ gowns complete with the Caoc signature touches.

Caoc’s attention to detail through seeming, draping, tucking and pleating is one of the many reasons he is the creative drive behind the Misura design label.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say I follow the trends or anything, but I love fashion, I love beautiful clothes,” Stratus told Metro. (From Friday’s Metro Toronto)

Julia Ormonde, Tara Spencer-Naim, Molly Parker, Angela Bassett, supermodel Daria Werbowy, and Canadian fashion icon Jeannie Becker have also been known to fall for Caoc’s unique designs.

Trish Stratus will be showing off her softer side as the host at this year’s Tribute Gala for Canada’s Walk of Fame, as we pay tribute to the 2006 inductees Pamela Anderson, Jann Arden, the Crazy Canucks, Brendan Fraser, Robert Goulet, Alex Trebek, Paul Shaffer and Eugene Levy.

“Chicago is one of my favourite movies ... so I told them I could sing the whole soundtrack of Chicago in my car, and I don’t know, but it sold them,” Stratus told Metro (From Thursday’s Metro Toronto).

However the task is anything but easy. Stratus’ already packed schedule would include memorizing lines, attending rehearsals, and quite a few gown fittings. That’s where Caoc comes in.

Q&A with Canadian Designer Joeffer Caoc 
What do you picture Trish in for the Canada’s Walk of Fame Gala? 
More elegant, not so wrestler. It’s always good to show how versatile you are as a person.

Who have you dressed?
Julia Ormande, Tia Carrere, Angela Bassett, Jeannie Becker, Daria, my mom….

I’m sure your mom has a lot of opinions?
Yeah, she’s a seamstress so she’s my biggest critic.

Who do you want to dress?
Madonna, Julianne Moore, Diane Lane. I like the older, more mature, confident woman.

What’s your fashion background?
I’ve been in the industry for 10 years now. I graduated from Ryerson University and I worked as an assistant for Lida Baday for two years which was an amazing experience.

How did you get that gig?
I was showcasing my work at a student competition and she was one of the judges. She asked to see me when a junior assistant position opened up.

When did you know that fashion design was what you wanted to do?
I knew since I was very young. My mother was a seamstress so there was always fabric around the house to play with.

Who are your favourite designers?
I love Japanese designs, for them it’s purely an art form. I like their sensibility.

What’s fashion about for you?
Fashion is all about taking classic shapes and making them a little off. You have to be really patient and particular. For me it’s about form and how things fall on the body. It’s hard to create something that feels sexy without being too obvious.

What makes your designs distinctly Canadian?
To me Canada is really about the multicultural differences, all the cultures clashing into a different ethnic background. However Canadian style has a European practicality. Being from a Philipeno background I’m attracted to the handmade, detailed garments.