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The funny girls of FannyPack -- Jessibel, Cat and Belinda -- may already be known to some of you as the trio that chirps, "Fix yourself, girl!/You got a camel toe!" They aren't so much a hip-hop group as the Bow Wow Wow of bass music. On So Stylistic, FannyPack deliver spit wads of speaker-wrecking low-end, tweaked vocoder vocals, cheesy early-Eighties synth riffs -- and that's just the title track.The group uses every ridiculous rhythm effect and old-school trapping in the book, then it takes the "moon-June-spoon" school of rhyming to a distant galaxy. Check the fat-ass rave house joint "System Boomin'," wherein homegirl Belinda squawks, "Sometimes it's an illusion/Music is a drug, and we're abusin'!" FannyPack intersperse their tunes with sound bites of one another -- one hilariously human bit is a recording of Jessibel on the phone negotiating with her moms. (It's . . . so . . . cute!) Stylistic may be an After School Special version of Miami bass, but the joke is on the genre: FannyPack deflate all the blowup-doll fantasies in booty music and replace them with real live girls. As Beyonce would say, "Can you handle this?"

(RS 927, July 24, 2003)

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