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Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon  Hear it Now

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The debut from G Unit soldier Tony Yayo, who was recently paroled after serving almost two years on weapons charges, couldn't have arrived sooner: Between their thug-pinup videos and jokey Anger Management sets, 50 Cent and crew need a breath of fresh air (and street cred). Like every G Unit release, Felon wraps its gun violence and over-the-top boasts in opulent, catchy streetscapes -- "Drama Setter," Felon's most ominous cut, is also its glossiest, with a wordy chorus from Eminem and a sleekly hooky beat that might as well have sampled the Knight Rider theme. At his best -- such as when he unleashes his menacing growl on bangers like "Eastside Westside" -- Yayo is this clique's Ol' Dirty Bastard, vowing vengeance while quoting New Edition and inviting bitches to suck his pubic hairs. Elsewhere, it's G Unit business as usual, which isn't always a bad thing. "So Seductive" lives up to its title thanks to one of 50's singsong choruses, which are the sonic equivalent of McDonald's special sauce: You've experienced it a hundred times before, but it still sounds pretty good. With the exception of a few complete duds, Felon is a solid stopgap, although it may also mark the moment when designer bullet holes start to go out of fashion.


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