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Five years ago, Shaggy became the reggae loverman of choice for secretaries and TRL teens alike with his mix of pop-dancehall jams, platinum hooks and more tourist-friendly Jamaican charisma than that Red Stripe guy. Since then he's had trouble channeling his charms, and on his sixth album he sounds less like a world-beater and more like a toaster just doing his thing. Clothes Drop's songs are either club-shakingly boombastic ("Broadway") or annoyingly half-assed ("Love Me Up"); hip-hop-flavored cuts like "Don't Ask That" are placed next to surprisingly preachy stuff such as "Stand Up" and "Repent." The entire album has a mixed-bag feel, but "Would You Be" shows that his gift for winsome melody and R&B clarity is mostly intact. Endearing bonus: "Back in the Dayz" lets us know that this pop-wise player used to be a huge dork.


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