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Report: Armenian Economy to Reach European Standards by 2023

On July 26, the Armenian-European Policy and Legal Advice Center (AEPLAC) presented its annual report, "Armenian Economic Trends: 2006". -- 08/01/2007 >>>

ARMENIA: Turkish Premier Bans Terming Genocide 'So-Called'

Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has issued a confidential decree banning the use of the term “sozde”, (“alleged” or “so-called" in Turkish) when referring to the Armenian Genocide. -- 08/01/2007 >>>

Armenian Military Heading to Iraq, Skipping Afghanistan

The sixth rotation of Armenian peacekeepers performing their humanitarian mission in Iraq began on July 18. -- 08/01/2007 >>>

Azerbaijan to Be Part of Joint Regional Energy System

Azerbaijan is conducting negotiations with Georgia, Russia and Turkey to establish a joint energy system. -- 08/01/2007 >>>

AZERBAIJAN: Iran May Consider Providing Military Assistance to Baku

If Baku asks Tehran for military assistance should hostilities resume between Azerbaijan and Armenia, “Iran may think about it,” the Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan, Afshar Soleymani, told Baku Sun.

-- 08/01/2007 >>>

Azeri Exports Highly Dependent on Energy Industry

According to economic data of the first quarter of 2007, oil products constituted 27.24 percent of Azerbaijan’s exports. -- 08/01/2007 >>>

BELARUS: Caracas and Minsk to Pursue Military Cooperation

Venezuela and Belarus will be signing military contracts worth over a billion U.S. dollars by early August, announced Victor Sheiman, the secretary of the Belorussian Security Council, who also heads the bilateral economic cooperation committee. -- 08/01/2007 >>>

Belorussian Security Services Allege Uncovering a Spy Ring

On July 15, the Federal Security Committee of Belarus (FSC) announced that it had uncovered a clandestine Polish military intelligence network, which included four servicemen of the Belorussian Army and an officer of Russian armed forces. -- 08/01/2007 >>>

Report: Georgia Joins Ranks with Countries Practicing Internet Censorship

A new “Governing the Internet” report released by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in July has placed Georgia among countries imposing excessive restrictions on how people use the Internet. -- 08/01/2007 >>>

Going Once, Twice, Sold! Georgian Power Plant Goes to the Highest Bidder

The Georgian Ministry of Economy has auctioned off its oldest hydropower plant, Zahesi, on the outskirts of Tbilisi for $41 million. -- 08/01/2007 >>>
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