Salfeet Governorate

It is called by this name, because of the town Salfeet which has the largest population and it is the governorate center, the governorate is located at the center of west bank and extends from Kufur Qasim at the Green line, up to Zaitara town which between Ramallah & Nablus So it is surrounded by Qalailya, Tulkarm, Nablus, Ramallah governorates .

There are 19 towns and villages with a total population of 50 thousand people.
1- Salfeet
2- Bidya
3- Kafr Eldiq
4- Alzawya
5- Dir Istya
6- Qarawa
7- Dir Balot
8- Broqeen
9- Kefel Haris
10- Haris njkjkljhlkhgkjhrekgjhjkrghkre
12- Mrdah
13- Rafat
14- Masha
15- Yasoof
16- Farkha
17- Iskaka
18- Qerh
19- Khrbet Qays

Olive oil is the main product, the governorate products around 1500 tons, in addition to this it products a high quality of building stones in Jemaen and there many factories to reshape rock and stones, and the governorate has about 1500 commercial industrial establishments.


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