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Please refer to the Developer Resources for updated information on our phones supporting the Openwave® Mobile Browser and wireless network operators who have licensed and deployed the Openwave® Mobile Access Gateway Server Suite. There you also find information on Choosing the Appropriate Client SDK and Markup Language and usability guidelines.

Check the Developer FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions.

Getting Started Guides:

Application Style Guides (read these first):
These UI design and implementation guidelines will help you create the best user experience for the
Supported Phones in your target market.

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UA Counter Tool
UA Counter is a Java application that measures the types of browsers that hit a web site by reading through its web server log. In regions where there are multiple browsers in the market, this is a handy tool to check whether you are writing your application to run well on the browser that most of your customers are using. The program outputs the result in simple text format with:

  • Number of Mobile Browser hits
  • Number of non-Mobile Browser hits
  • Number of Desktop WAP Browser hits
  • Number of HTML browser hits
For a complete description of UA Counter, please refer to the README document in the download zip file.

Download UA Counter (.zip) 27KB

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