About Us and Łacinka

Łacinka.org is an association created to popularize and refine Roman Alphabet (Latin script) in the Belarusian language (i.e. “łacinka”) as an integrated part of the Belarusian national culture.

We are sure that the fate of the Belarusian “łacinka” depends exclusively on its adherents who consider this writing system being more attractive and consciously reject Cyrillic alphabet. This day-to-day activeness and position of theirs guarantee the retention of the rich and peculiar features of the Belarusian culture. Our goal is to support those Belarusians.

Lacinka.org is especially concerned about the fate of the Belarusian language in literature, music, Internet, computer programs etc. We support Belarusian-speaking writers, programmers, web-masters and bloggers as well as all those who are deeply interested in the fate of the Belarusian “lacinka”.

What kind of support could we propose?

There is no single model in this respect. Everything depends on particular situation. We cherish volunteer basis and social activeness of the “łacinkers” (supporters of łacinka), and not grants, for instance.

The main goal of the web-site Lacinka.org is to inform about “łacinka” and the activities of the organization.

The logo of the association:

The Truth About Our Language

The Belarusian Latin script (Łacinka) is another way for writing in Belarusian language. First documents and examples of Belarusian language written in Latin scipt appeared in the 16th century. First literature and publication written in Latin script appeared in the 19th centur . In many aspects, Łacinka became a foundation for a modern Belarusian Cyrillic alphabet.

In 1920-30s there was an active discussion among Belarusian philologists about the Belarusian alphabet that was set an end by Stalinist repressions and the Soviet policy of russification towards the nations of the USSR. Łacinka was prohibited in Belarus, but was still in use in the Western Belarus until the reunion with the Soviet Republic of Belarus in 1939 and among Belarusian emigrants in the USA, Canada, Australia etc.

Today the Łacinka is widely used among Belarusian speakers, especially among internet users and programmers.

Today the Łacinka still does not have an official status but it will certainly achieve that as soon as Belarusian language will become a priority for the Belarusian state.

Łacinka is now starting to be used for the transcription of Belarusian names to foreign languages, it is advisable to use the Łacinka for name and place transcription and in the Belarusian language studies.

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2006-12-21 19:42:08

/Written in a sample of 23-letter Tatar alphabet/

Belarus kichilerine Latin elifbasyna kajtowda own’ochlar tilijm! Tatarlar Latinlama ucun bir berichni Owros mehkemesinde ottordolar ijndi. Tijk biz barybir maksatybyzga ijrichirbiz!
Wish Belarus people good luck in returning to Roman alphabet! Tatars have lost a battle on Roman alphabet in Russian court in 2004. But we’re gonna get it anyway!

2007-01-06 19:06:34

Thanks a lot! We also wish you much luck in your struggle!

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