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Lee Moyer

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Four Winds, The (Legend of the Five Rings) (2005) Alderac Entertainment Group Interior Artist
Hong Kong (Crime Scene) (2005) Hogshead Publishing Ltd. Cover Design
Legend of the Five Rings Role Playing Game, 3rd Edition (2005) Alderac Entertainment Group Interior Artist
Stormwrack (Dungeons & Dragons) (2005) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
Yakuza (Crime Scene) (2005) Hogshead Publishing Ltd. Cover Design
Eberron Campaign Setting (2004) Wizards of the Coast Interior Artist
En Route II: By Land or By Sea (Penumbra) (2003) Atlas Games Cover Artist
En Route II: By Land or By Sea (Penumbra) (2003) Atlas Games Author
Hero's Book (HeroQuest) (2003) Issaries, Inc. Cover Artist
Game of Powers (Nobilis) (2002) Hogshead Publishing Ltd. Interior Artist
Nobilis, 2nd Ed. (2002) Hogshead Publishing Ltd. Interior Artist
At Your Service (Over the Edge) (2001) Atlas Games Interior Artist
At Your Service (Over the Edge) (2001) Atlas Games Business Logos
At Your Service (Over the Edge) (2001) Atlas Games Cover Artist and Designer
At Your Service (Over the Edge) (2001) Atlas Games Author
Hero Wars (2000) Issaries, Inc. Cover Artist
Narrator's Book: Game Mastering in the Hero Wars (2000) Issaries, Inc. Cover Artist
Doomtown or Bust! (Deadlands: The Weird West) (1999) Pinnacle Entertainment Group Interior Artist
Feng Shui, 2nd Ed. (1999) Atlas Games Cover Artist
Over the Edge, 2nd Ed. (1997) Atlas Games Interior Artist
Mythus (Dangerous Journeys) (1992) Game Designers Workshop Interior Artist
Mythus Magick (Dangerous Journeys) (1992) Game Designers Workshop Interior Artist
Thieves' Guild 7 (1982) Gamelords Ltd. Interior Artist and Graphics
Other Game Credits:
Product Publisher Credit
Arcana (On the Edge) (1995) Atlas Games Card Art

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