Fri 05 Oct 2007

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AMD goes on the slide

Phenom launch disappears

IT SEEMS THAT DAAMIT goes into weird mode in October. Last year at this time, half of Taiwan panicked after somebody sent a PDF doc killing all the legacy logos and brandings, without introducing new ones. Panic lasted for half a day, but that was enough to leave a lasting scar on ATI partners.

Now, our attention came to a presentation introducing new prices for Athlon 64 X2 processors. As you can see in this slide, AMD positions Athlons paired with RD790 (the enthusiast chipset) and RD780 (the mainstream chipset). Most probably, market names will be 790X and 780X, meaning we're all CrossFire/TriFire/QuadFire friends.

As you can see for yourself, no Phenoms, no RV670, no RX780 (780G) branding... ah, who called this a Q4 2007 update?

What made things interesting is the exclusion of any notion of Phenom processors, and graphics are represented by AMD’s division formerly known as " Aray Technologies Incorporated" Radeon HD 2900 and X1950Pro for the "Best" that company can offer. In "Better" range, we have Radeon HD 2600 and ton of older parts like X1650, X1550 and X1250 as the integrated graphics part from 690G. At the same time, the 55nm DX10.1 integrated graphics part known to the world as the RX780 (to be known as 780G, of course) did not got a marking on the right side of the slide.

Quite a lot of people are now confused, since they now that RV670 is approaching in 7th gear, and while Radeon X1250 may be inside 690G, RX780 will definitely not carry the X1K moniker. DirectX 9.0c and DirectX 10.1 really don’t match when it comes to branding terms.

While we understand that AMD has to keep things under wraps, these powerpointless presentations aren’t helping anyone and actually leave hacks to explain what people inside AMD are paid to do. µ

This presentation was originally planned to announce AMD's latest price cut for before mentioned models, happening on October 8th. As it usually happens, it left more questions than answers.

AMD's closed, invitation-only webpage for those that want to be channeled


45 watt products

It does say on bottom of the slide that it's about 45 watt products, so if this accounts for the processors then it's quite normal that you don't see Phenom here
posted by : Dennis, 02 October 2007

AMD goes on the slide

The 45 watt on the bottom is Green in the slides. Can't believe Dennis doesn't get that part.
posted by : Bob, 02 October 2007

45Watts it's only for "E"

The 45 watt it's only for the LE and BE editions.

All this trouble it's because AMD didn't fire ATI Marketing department, these new logos are worst than the old ones (better than Intel past "Pentium D" logos).
posted by : Kuolas, 02 October 2007


I really thought it was for 45W products only.. maybe Phenom is .. NOT 45W, thats why its not included..

posted by : John, 02 October 2007

Agree? Really?

You think everything and not jsut the green stuff is 45W... Cause I and everyone else would be SUPER impressed by a 45W HD2900 XT....
posted by : Pierce, 02 October 2007

Can anyone confirmed that Intel Core has less TDP?

I read some article that Intel C2D has lesser TDP, is that true even when compare to AMD BE offerings?


Anyway, based on that slide, is AMD want to misled Intel know that they are off track again?
posted by : Wayne, 03 October 2007

My old X1950 Pro is still up there with the best then!

When do we get the dual gpu cards in the UK then? Off topic I know but I'm stalling testing farm runoff samples which smell of slurry :s
posted by : Liam O'Flaherty, 03 October 2007
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