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Chamber of Commerce Puntland Industries and Agriculture

The Chamber of commerce Puntland is a broad-based association representing more than 1000 businesses of all sizes from virtually every industry and profession in our region.

Champer of Commerce provide serves to investors who would like to invest in Puntland, these services includes free consultations, business guide, application process, business to business referrals.

Sectors Focus: Trade development on livestock, farankinseces, gums Arabic, Sea product, Salt, industries and farms.

Champer of Commerce have offices all seven regions in puntland.

If you need more information about the business in Puntland Please contact

Puntland Chamber of Commerce
Headquarter Bosaso

Tel: 2525 826090
Tel: 2525 824738
Tel: 252523 34 160
Tel: 2525 23 4360

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