Anime Central - Day One - Lisa Ortiz
Lisa Ortiz deliberately drove her mother crazy - and she's proud of it. When she was a child, Ortiz and her brother didn't just watch animated cartoons on TV, they played out the roles with their own voices after the shows were over. It got to the point that Ortiz would answer her mother in cartoon voices instead of her own. Look where all of that took her: to roles in Pokemon and the voices of Lina Inverse and Deedlit. But, after hearing her voice on tape for the first time, Ortiz thought "Oh my God! No wonder why my mother was going crazy."
Ortiz speaks both Spanish and English, and she's best known for her dialect voices. Is being bilingual an advantage in being able to create accented voices? It doesn't hurt, she said, but the big factor was growing up in New York City where dozens of languages are spoken. "I have an ear for it, and hang out with people who speak other languages," she said. "I take it for granted."
When an anime dub is produced, "You have to be faithful to the idea and the spirit of the original." That doesn't mean that you use a word-for-word translation of the Japanese script. for one thing, that doesn't fit in the brief time a character is speaking on screen, Ortiz noted. Also, humor doesn't always translate, and English puns have to be used. She said that explains why some of the characters in Record of Lodoss War were speaking like they came from Brooklyn.
Is Lisa really Lina or Deedlit? Well, part of her is like the high elf from Lodoss, but more of her is like the Slayers spellcaster. Ortiz admits she acts like Inverse from time to time - and Lina's spells would come in handy on the New York subway.